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Skyroam Solis X Is the World’s First WiFi Smart Hotspot and Is Available for Purchase or Rental Online

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Cheesecake Labs is the engineering team behind Skyroam’s website, the e-Commerce platform that processes hundreds of thousands of transactions per year, shipping physical devices and distributing digital products to 130+ countries around the world. Skyroam’s website has now successfully been revamped and improved to support the launch of Skyroam’s next-generation products Solis X and Solis Lite. Cheesecake Labs is one of Skyroam’s most crucial, committed partners, evolving the e-Commerce platform for more than 3 years, building a customized solution to scale Skyroam globally and penetrate new markets.

The e-commerce platform is a flexible and solid solution: it has a modular and custom page system that easily allowed Skyroam marketing team to create the new product with all its requirements, including multiple languages and currencies support. Its horizontal architecture automatically scaled the servers to support the high traffic during the launching day.

Skyroam Solis X was listed as the #1 new travel gadget by Forbes, thanks to its diverse features – such as support to 10 simultaneous connections, built-in 8 MP camera with flash, personal assistant and the flexibility to be used as a power bank. Skyroam Solis X works across more than 130 countries and multiple payment plans are available, including daily and monthly options.

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