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Skyroam Sues uCloudlink for Trade Secret Misappropriation After Confidential Documents Found

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Skyroam, Inc (, SIMO Holdings, Inc., inventors of patented virtual SIM technology and a leader in global software-based mobile connectivity solutions, has filed a lawsuit for misappropriation of trade secrets and patent infringement against uCloudlink, a competitor that emerged years after Skyroam first launched. Skyroam recently learned that uCloudlink spent the past several years improperly using Skyroam’s proprietary technology to develop its own virtual SIM ( or “Cloud SIM”) based hotspot products, sold under the GlocalMe, RoamingMan, and Sapphire brand names.

Skyroam’s newest lawsuit is its second case designed to prevent uCloudlink from benefitting from the inappropriate use of Skyroam’s intellectual property.

Skyroam won its initial patent infringement suit against uCloudlink, resulting in an award of over $8 million in damages, after a jury in the Southern District of New York concluded that two uCloudlink entities willfully infringed Skyroam’s U.S. Patent (the “’689 Patent”). After the trial, the court entered a permanent injunction which precluded uCloudlink from selling or enabling the use of uCloudlink’s G2, G3, and U2 WiFi hotspots and the S1 mobile phone in the United States.

Although uCloudlink reentered the American market after implementing a minor redesign, these devices are considered functionally inferior and still infringe on Skyroam’s patent. Skyroam has therefore been forced to bring a second lawsuit against uCloudlink for patent infringement, this time in the Eastern District of Texas. In this second lawsuit, Skyroam contends devices sold by uCloudlink after its redesign (including its newly released G4 WiFi hotspot and P3 mobile phone) infringe the ’689 Patent.

Skyroam’s new lawsuit also alleges that uCloudlink misappropriated Skyroam trade secrets. Through discovery in the New York patent case, Skyroam learned that uCloudlink wrongly possesses confidential Skyroam documents, at least some of which were stolen by Skyroam’s former chief architect, who brought them to uCloudlink. Based on the documents uncovered so far, Skyroam believes uCloudlink used its improperly obtained knowledge to develop uCloudlink’s Cloud SIM business model and related intellectual property to try to catch up in the mobile connectivity market.