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SkyWater Partners With Linear ASICs, Expands Volume Customer Base With Multiple New Engagements in Diversified Markets

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Technology Foundry
, the trusted innovation partner for tomorrow’s
most advanced technology solutions, today announced a collaboration with
Linear ASICs Inc., a fabless analog and mixed-signal semiconductor
company, expanding its volume customer base with the addition of
multiple new engagements to design and manufacture power and
mixed-signal IoT applications in aerospace and defense, automotive,
consumer, industrial and medical markets. SkyWater’s decades of advanced
manufacturing heritage and Linear ASICs’ complementary 20+ years of
semiconductor design expertise creates a synergistic partnership that
accelerates customers’ time to market with a streamlined design,
development and production process.

SkyWater and Linear ASICs’ collaboration has already produced a
silicon-proven, rich set of unique IP blocks which serve as a strong
foundation for high-reliability and optimized designs in diverse
applications such as: medical instrumentation, RFID chips, power
MOSFETs, power management ICs (PMICs), transient-voltage-suppression
(TVS) diodes, and other mixed-signal ASICs. These devices will enable
solutions for battery and energy management systems, wireless charging,
IoT, sensor integration, near-field communication (NFC), and other
advanced applications.

“The partnership with SkyWater enables end-to-end solutions and
streamlines product cycles for our customers in an IP-secured U.S. fab,”
said Mike Ward, CEO, Linear ASICs. “SkyWater offers some of the more
advanced mixed-signal nodes with embedded non-volatile memory, providing
the technology and support our customers need to rapidly develop custom
ASICs and SoCs.” Ward added that customers will have access to
SkyWater’s net-zero cost recurring MPW FastShuttle Program.

“The team of product specialists at Linear ASICs has a history of
successfully taking customers from raw concepts through product design
and qualification into manufacturing,” said Thomas Sonderman, SkyWater
President. “This partnership is significant for SkyWater as it increases
the diversity and size of our customer base and has already resulted in
multiple projects that will ramp to volume production in early 2020.”

Engagement information for new ASIC design and production is available
by contacting Linear ASICs Inc.
For more information on SkyWater’s ASIC or custom foundry services,
please contact:

About Linear ASICs Inc.

Linear ASICs Inc. designs, develops, manufactures, and markets linear
and mixed-signal integrated circuits and custom ASICs for a variety of
applications including IoT, Wireless Power, Military and Aerospace, and
Consumer portable and non-portable electronics. Its focus is custom and
semi-custom ICs for emerging markets and applications requiring advanced
designs and processes. The Linear ASICs team has been designing and
developing integrated circuits since 1997 and has established enabling
IP and know-how. The wealth of its library of proven silicon blocks
affords its customers a time and risk mitigated path to production, with
optimally integrated devices. Its core group of designers and engineers
have developed many high volume ICs, MCMs, and hybrid modules in the
market today. Linear ASICs has design and development locations in San
Diego and Ventura, CA; Dallas, TX; and Tallmadge, OH; and is
headquartered in Tallmadge OH. For more information visit

About SkyWater Technology Foundry

SkyWater is a solely U.S.-based and owned, DMEA-accredited Technology
Foundry, providing custom design and development services, exclusive
design IP, and volume manufacturing for integrated circuits and micro
devices. The Company’s world-class operations and unique processing
capabilities enable mixed-signal CMOS, rad-hard and ROIC solutions.
SkyWater’s Innovation Engineering Services empower development of
superconducting and 3D ICs, along with carbon nanotube, photonic and
MEMS devices. SkyWater serves customers in growing markets such as
aerospace & defense, automotive, cloud & computing, consumer,
industrial, IoT and medical. For more information, please visit: