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Slice Becomes First to Remove Fees to Shops on Orders Under $10; Challenges All Online Ordering Services to Create Fairer Fee Structures

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Slice — the innovative tech platform powering America’s local pizzerias — announced today that it will eliminate its industry-low standard fee to shops on small orders as well as $10 pickup minimums. Slice’s CEO Ilir Sela issued a challenge to all ordering services to follow suit by adjusting their own fee structures to be fairer for small businesses. When a customer places an order on Slice for $10 or less including taxes, the partner shop will no longer be charged the standard $2.25 per order from Slice. As a result, each of the over 13,000 local pizzerias on the Slice marketplace will keep more of the revenue and pass that value down to the consumer. With small order fees and $10 order minimums eliminated, some shops will be able to add lower ticket lunch items that previously may not have been included on the menu. These changes will go into effect on November 1, 2020 and will remain in effect indefinitely.

“Removing fees on small orders for our partner shops was a no-brainer. The pandemic is far from over, and I challenge all online ordering services to make similar adjustments to their fee structures to better support small businesses,” said Slice Founder and CEO, Ilir Sela. “When the local pizzerias in our network thrive, we thrive. Our flat fee is low, but Slice is committed to passing as much of the revenue as possible to each shop.”

Slice’s underlying mission — keep local thriving — is at the core of all its offerings. This announcement adds to a number of initiatives Slice has launched to help small businesses since the start of the pandemic. Last month, Slice launched Slice Accelerate, a new ongoing program that will initially include 100 nominated shops that will receive $15,000 each worth of technology and services to strengthen their businesses, helping to make them pandemic-proof and set up for future success by enabling them to compete against big pizza franchises and the predatory practices of third party apps — including surge pricing that significantly diminishes margins, false advertising about pricing and availability, and zero culpability when it comes to customer service. Also in September, Slice announced that over 1,000 of its partner shops had signed up for Slice Delivery, an add-on service for shops without in-house delivery that also allows the pizzeria to set their own delivery pricing. Slice was one of the first to add contact-free delivery and cash-free ordering into its product to keep both restaurant workers and customers safe. In March, Slice moved quickly to launch Pizza vs. Pandemic with Slice Out Hunger, an initiative that continues to feed front line care workers while providing sizable orders to independent pizzerias, now in all 50 states.

About Slice

Slice transforms independent pizzerias with the specialized technology, marketing, data insights, and shared services they need, all at a low fixed cost per order, to serve today’s digital-minded customers. Enabling these small businesses to thrive against major corporate chains, Slice makes it easy for customers to order from their go-to shops and discover their next favorite. Serial tech entrepreneur Ilir Sela started Slice to solve the digital challenges of his family’s New York City pizzerias. Today, the company partners with over 13,000 pizzerias across 3,000 cities in all 50 states forming the nation’s largest marketplace for authentic pizza.

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