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Slice Partners with ‘Pizza to the Polls’ to Promote Democracy while Supporting Local, Independent Pizzerias

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Slice — the innovative tech platform powering America’s local pizzerias — announced today that it has once again partnered with Pizza to the Polls in its efforts to support democracy and hungry people while they wait in what is expected to be record-setting lines. As Pizza to the Polls receives reports of long wait times, Slice will connect Pizza to the Polls with a local Slice partner shop to complete the order and deliver to that location. By partnering with Slice this election season, Pizza to the Polls enhances its already community-oriented mission by supporting neighborhood pizzerias as it supplies pizza to polling locations across the country a week from today. Slice’s unique tech platform and national footprint of over 13,000 pizzerias in 3,000 cities makes it a uniquely qualified partner to quickly support Pizza to the Polls’ efforts as reports of long waits come in. Slice has partnered with Pizza to the Polls since 2016, including on Pizza vs. Pandemic, an initiative launched earlier this year that continues to feed front line care workers while providing sizable orders to independent pizzerias, now in all 50 states.

“We are proud to partner with Pizza to the Polls this election year to help connect long lines and hungry voters with a slice from their neighborhood pizza shop,” said Slice Founder and CEO, Ilir Sela. “With socially-distanced long lines expected this year, we’re doing our part to match democracy with support for our local small businesses.”

“Hunger is the last thing that should hurt our elections,” Pizza to the Polls co-founder Scott Duncombe said. “Our mission is to create the same enthusiasm that brought everyone to the polling site in the first place. Thanks to our volunteers and partners like Slice, we’re making it happen.”

Historically, Pizza to the Polls has seen high demand in Chicago, IL; New York, NY; Tempe, AZ; Kansas City, MO; Houston, TX; Milwaukee MI and many more. This year is expected to have high voter turnout across the country and Slice, in partnership with Pizza to the Polls, is at the ready to support wherever the need arises this Election Day.


If you are interested in covering a Pizza to the Polls delivery on Election day from a neighborhood pizza shop in the Slice network, please reach out to

Slice’s underlying mission — keep local thriving — is at the core of all its offerings. This announcement adds to a number of initiatives Slice has launched to help small businesses since the start of the pandemic. Last month, Slice launched Slice Accelerate, a new ongoing program that will initially include 100 nominated shops that will receive $15,000 each worth of technology and services to strengthen their businesses, helping to make them pandemic-proof and set up for future success by enabling them to compete against big pizza franchises and the predatory practices of third party apps. Also in September, Slice announced that over 1,000 of its partner shops had signed up for Slice Delivery, an add-on service for shops without in-house delivery that also allows the pizzeria to set their own delivery pricing. Slice was one of the first to add contact-free delivery and cash-free ordering into its product to keep both restaurant workers and customers safe. In March, Slice, in partnership with Slice Out Hunger and Pizza to the Polls, moved quickly to launch Pizza vs. Pandemic, an initiative that continues to feed front line care workers while providing sizable orders to independent pizzerias, now in all 50 states.

About Slice

Slice transforms independent pizzerias with the specialized technology, marketing, data insights, and shared services they need, all at a low fixed cost per order, to serve today’s digital-minded customers. Enabling these small businesses to thrive against major corporate chains, Slice makes it easy for customers to order from their go-to shops and discover their next favorite. Serial tech entrepreneur Ilir Sela started Slice to solve the digital challenges of his family’s New York City pizzerias. Today, the company partners with over 13,000 pizzerias across 3,000 cities in all 50 states forming the nation’s largest marketplace for authentic pizza.

For more information on Slice’s product and company, visit, and follow Slice on LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter.

About Pizza to the Polls

Pizza to the Polls is the nonpartisan, nonprofit initiative with the simple mission of delivering snacks to people at polling stations with long lines. Since starting delivery in 2016, Pizza to the Polls has raised $490,000 and delivered 16,500 pizzas to 2,500 polling places. The organization has been active through the midterm in 2018 and during the primaries earlier this year.

With Americans eager to vote and long lines expected at polling sites across the country, the innovative campaign Pizza to the Polls returns for the 2020 election to stave off the inevitable hanger that comes with a growling stomach and a long wait. This year, Pizza to the Polls is expanding its programs to include a fleet of over 185 food trucks, deployed to 25 cities across the country to deliver free food and free vibes to hungry Americans, working, voting, or otherwise in need of food at polling places with long lines. In partnership with Uber Eats, the food trucks will be equipped with delicious treats from partners like Milk Bar, Shake Shack, and more, and also will play music, and create a celebration for civic engagement. Coupled with on-demand delivery across the country, Pizza to the Polls ensures there is free food for all around polling sites with long lines.