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Smarter Grid Solutions Releases World’s Most Advanced Distributed Energy Resource Management System

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Market leading Distributed Energy Resource Management System (DERMS) software company Smarter Grid Solutions (SGS) unveils ANM Strata 2.0, the next generation of its award winning product, following successful on-grid deployments in US, UK and Germany.

ANM Strata 2.0 is the most widely deployed and versatile DERMS on the market, with enhanced tools for data analytics, visualisation and application programming interfaces (APIs) allowing it to connect to other software systems at utilities and operators of DER.

With rapidly increasing demand for renewable energy, electric vehicles and energy storage, ANM Strata 2.0 promises to accelerate the transformation of distribution network operators into distribution system operators (DSOs).

For over a decade SGS has pioneered a unique approach to DERMS with full commercial deployments worldwide.

This layered approach to DERMS means ANM Strata 2.0 can continue to manage the system and maximise grid access for DER immune to potential data issues of traditional approaches and reduced grid access for DER.

ANM Strata 2.0 increases financial returns from DERMS software by deploying a range of control methods across multiple timeframes to manage any type of DER.

Unique features include: DER optimisation, scheduling and dispatch capabilities, as well as online load flow calculations for auto-configuration of real-time algorithms.

No other DERMS product on the market has comparable capabilities or has been tried and tested so extensively in real commercial deployments.

Dr Bob Currie, Chief Technology Officer, Smarter Grid Solutions says: “Distribution System Operators need reliable, proven solutions that can flex to meet local and system-wide needs as more and more DER comes online, while ensuring seamless interoperability with existing systems. ANM Strata 2.0 provides the desired modularity and scalability, which positions it as the cornerstone for DERMS across the enterprise of the distribution utility.”

ANM Strata 2.0 features support development of new business models and innovative customer propositions for the owners and operators of DER and new markets at distribution level, like DER flexibility services.

ANM Strata 2.0 can be deployed to the cloud to manage behind the meter resources for utilities or DER operators and aggregators, providing an end-to-end platform for distributed energy.