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Smartlands Launched Unique Platform for Crowdfunding Investment, Becomes the First to Tokenize Property in the UK

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The growing demand for alternative income and the advent of blockchain
technology are challenging the traditionally closed institutional
investment club. Until now, the sky-high minimum threshold for
investment, soaring fees and complicated structures with multiple
intermediaries were making investing practically inaccessible for an
average individual.

is out to disrupt legacy financial markets with its blockchain-based
Platform for crowdfunding, created to democratize the global investment
space by introducing the concept of fractional ownership. Smartlands’
proprietary technology allows issuing digital shares – security tokens –
backed by real economy assets such as real estate or agriculture. Just
like in a traditional stock market, security tokens represent the
immutable right of ownership in an asset and allow investors to receive
dividends or profits.

The benefit of digitizing securities is that they become highly
divisible, meaning that investors can buy small percentages of tokenised
assets. This model dramatically reduces the buy-in threshold and opens
access to higher-yield investment opportunities. “Imagine, you can now
own the equivalent of just one square meter in a building and trade that
share on an exchange 24/7,” – Smartlands CEO Arnoldas Nauseda
explains. “Both cash and cryptocurrencies can be used to fund bids on
Smartlands, making security tokens a useful tool for portfolio
diversification. For asset owners, it’s an alternative way to raise
capital from international investors, adding liquidity to the asset.
Fractional ownership, enabled by asset tokenisation, will revolutionise
the traditional investment space potentially unlocking a multi-billion
global industry that previously has been out of reach for a retail

Registered with the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK, Smartlands
will offer investment opportunities in various asset classes, starting
with real estate. “We spent two years building a foundation to launch
Smartlands. We’ve developed a platform that employs advanced blockchain
technology with fast, cheap, and secure transactions. We’ve gathered a
team of visionaries who come from traditional finance and software
engineering, united by the idea to shape the future of investment
through innovation. And finally, we created a legal framework for our
business to make sure our investment offerings are fully compliant. Now,
having done our homework, we’re excited to launch,” – Nauseda says.