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Snapclarity Recruits Two Industry Leaders in Mental Health to Help Improve Access for All Canadians by Expanding to Western Canada

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Snapclarity, Canada’s only preventative digital mental health platform, has sent a strong message about transforming access to support by hiring three Canadian experts in preventative health care for employers, employees and consumers who understand Western Canada very well. Snapclarity knows mental health support is a major factor for employees when it comes to where they choose to work. Snapclarity was started in Ottawa and has now extended across Canada.

With Snapclarity, the digital experience delivers an immediate and pioneering clinically-validated assessment for earlier risk identification, personalized care plans and navigation, and an algorithm that matches each person to a therapist accessed by text messaging and audio/video sessions. The new mental health benefit strengthens resilience and expedites treatment so more people get better.

First, Snapclarity hired industry leader Karen Adams as Chief Commercial and Health Innovation Officer. As an influential Canadian in mental health, Adams has helped a traditional healthcare provider rapidly grow revenue in an emerging market. Building on her expertise she has hired two industry leaders to achieve disruptive innovation.

Joining the pioneering team are Gianpiero Mameli and Estelle Morrison. Mameli will run Strategic Partnerships for Western Canada. Morrison becomes Head of National Clinical Operations and Customer Success. Gianpiero has 20 years of experience in mental health services and is a recognized leader in business development and account management. Morrison has 20+ years in developing, innovating and supporting clinical services associated with Employee Assistance Programs and digital platforms, including Lifeworks.

Adams says, “We are in a new market dynamic where employees are looking to employers who offer proactive, preventative health solutions. Employers of choice have become the organizations that invest in providing employees with tools and inform them about their risks. The ability to build resilience is dependent on clinically-validated risk identification, and preventative tools and support that allows individuals to bounce back from life’s inevitable curveballs,” Adams says.

Snapclarity CEO Terri Storey says, “Our digital platform transforms how employers approach their mental health benefit offering and the impact they can have on employee resilience and productivity. We are pioneers and require the leaders in the industry to accelerate our growth in the market.”

Snapclarity recently received the next big thing award at the Best of Ottawa Business gala.