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SnapLogic Blends AI and Integration in Powerful Platform Upgrade to Propel Modern Enterprises Into the Age of Automation

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today announced the immediate availability of the May 2019 release of
the SnapLogic Intelligent
Integration Platform
, extending its leadership in AI-enabled
integration. This latest release adds several new core platform, API
management, and data science capabilities, driving greater productivity
and insights for users while accelerating enterprise-wide innovation and
automation initiatives.

From finance to marketing to HR, automation technologies are
transforming how work gets done across the enterprise. To capitalize on
the automation opportunity, organizations are investing in intelligent
technologies to automate repetitive business processes, freeing up
workers to focus on strategic pursuits that drive the business forward.
Progressive organizations are averting fragmented, one-off projects and
instead taking an enterprise approach to automation, ensuring their
strategies and practices can be standardized and repeated, the right
technology stack is in place to solve their most complex challenges, and
the requirements of both business users and IT are met.

To achieve automation at scale and realize the many subsequent benefits
— including increased speed and agility, better productivity and
insights, improved operational efficiency, faster transformation, and
more — businesses are establishing AI-enabled integration platforms as
the foundation of their enterprise automation strategy.

“We’ve entered the age of automation, led by incredible technology
advances in processors, machine learning, intelligent workflows,
data-first applications, and more,” said Gaurav Dhillon, CEO at
SnapLogic. “Algorithms are being embedded in data-driven applications
and automated business processes are powering enterprises to do more in
a fraction of the time, resulting in accelerated innovation,
productivity, and efficiency.”

Enterprise automation begins with AI-enabled integration. Before
end-to-end processes can be automated, a complex web of applications,
APIs, data sources, and other systems must be connected via a modern
integration platform. This platform must employ AI and machine learning
techniques and intelligent workflows to achieve the productivity and
time to value gains that automation demands. Gartner recently recognized
SnapLogic for its leadership in this critical area: “A ‘first mover’
with a focus on AI-enabled integration, SnapLogic is enhancing its
capabilities by embedding ML for automatic guidance. This helps ad hoc
and citizen integrators accelerate development of integration flows and
simplify delivery.”1

In addition, scaling enterprise automation initiatives requires an
integration platform that can handle all data types (structured,
semi-structured, unstructured), data speeds (streaming, real-time,
batch, event-based), and data environments (cloud, on-premises, hybrid);
is intuitive and easy to use by both IT and non-technical business
users; and meets the security, reliability, and scalability demands of
the global enterprise.

May 2019 Product Release: Improved productivity, insights, performance

To propel the modern enterprise into the age of automation, the May 2019
release of the SnapLogic Intelligent Integration Platform is immediately
available. The new release includes a number of updates and enhancements
that boost user productivity, yield greater insights, and deliver
improved performance.

New and enhanced capabilities in the May 2019 release include:


  • Data Prep/Preview — provides the ability to visualize output at every
    step of the pipeline in preview mode via bar chart, line chart, pie
    chart, or scatter chart
  • Temp Disable Snap — provides the ability to disable a Snap during
    testing and trouble-shooting without removing or modifying Snaps from
    the pipeline
  • Performance Updates — new local caching for triggered tasks running on
    Groundplexes resulting in improved performance
  • Alerts — delivers telemetry when CPU and memory usage on nodes exceeds
    the configured threshold so proactive action can be taken to maintain
    enterprise SLAs

Data Science/AI:

  • Data Clustering Support — new Clustering Snap added to the ML Core
    Snap Pack allowing data scientists and data engineers to use this
    unsupervised learning technique to conduct exploratory data analysis
    to find hidden patterns or groupings in data
  • Fuzzy Matching — new Match Snap performs record linkage to identify
    documents from different data sources that may represent the same
    entity but have a different column name
  • Automated Data Feature Engineering — new Feature Synthesis Snap
    provides the ability to transform raw data into features that better
    represent the underlying problem to the ML predictive models,
    resulting in improved model accuracy on as yet unseen data
  • Profile Output Visualization — provides improved productivity for data
    scientists and data engineers as they can now leverage the graphical
    output to easily determine what further data cleansing needs to be done
  • AutoML Snap — delivers improved productivity and customization for
    data scientists and data engineers as they can build better machine
    learning models in a shorter amount of time by choosing the highest
    yield from a dozen or more ML models

API Management:

  • Groundplex/VDC Support — users can now create, publish, manage, and
    monitor APIs that have been set up to execute on a Groundplex or
    customer domain in addition to managing APIs that have been set up to
    execute on a Cloudplex
  • OAuth2 Support — customers can now apply the OAuth2 API policy to
    secure APIs during the management phase, before exposing APIs to


  • Updates made to several Snap Packs including the Hadoop, Confluent
    Kafka, and Workday Prism Analytics Snap Packs

To learn more about these and other updates to the May 2019 product
release, read the SnapLogic

1 Gartner “Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Integration Platform
as a Service” by Eric Thoo, Massimo Pezzini, Keith Guttridge, Bindi
Bhullar, April 23, 2019.

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