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Socialive and PGi Provide End-to-End Solution for Enhanced Enterprise Video Creation and Event Strategy

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Socialive, the all-in-one enterprise video platform, today announced it is entering an agreement with virtual events and meetings company PGi, provider of the GlobalMeet collaboration solution. This agreement brings together advanced, studio-quality video production technology with a comprehensive business communications platform, making it easier for marketers to enhance their video production and seamlessly deliver better content into GlobalMeet’s market-leading solution.

Video is the centerpiece of any virtual event, and organizers need a way to scalably produce compelling content that showcases their events effectively. Socialive empowers all business users to easily create high-caliber, engaging content for live stream or on-demand at scale, taking event content experiences to the next level with brandability, multi-presenter layouts, and on-screen graphics that can unlock powerful calls to action and key event takeaways with a professional look and feel. Unlike video conferencing tools that can result in high levels of audience fatigue, Socialive turns traditional video meetings into immersive and dynamic video experiences.

Leveraging the power of the GlobalMeet platform to deliver content at scale to a global audience, the new solution eliminates the need for joint customers to manage content and the event experience using multiple complicated platforms. Teams using the solution can create, manage and deliver high-quality content within Socialive, with full access to PGi’s platform to host audiences, drive real-time interactivity and measure impact. With the ability to simulcast live or pre-recorded video, the joint solution allows business users to broadcast or live-stream video to channels such as LinkedIn Live to maximize audience engagement.

“PGi and Socialive are uniquely suited to meet the growing enterprise need for internal and external events and video content creation at tremendous scale,” said David Moricca, founder and CEO of Socialive. “By working together, we are able to more closely integrate our two leading solutions to better serve the Fortune 1000 with the quality, ease of use, production, scale and security required by global enterprises.”

The Socialive-PGi solution combines the strengths of the two platforms, helping businesses maximize the event experience before, during and after. This includes massively upleveling the video content experience through high-definition video quality, dynamic presenter layouts, graphics, pre-recorded video and slide presentations. Additionally, customers gain the ability to leverage Socialive’s recording and clipping capabilities to generate more pre-event video teasers and post-event snackable videos to post across social media, partner and demand generation channels.

“Virtual events are here to stay, and organizers need a scalable solution to effectively produce compelling video content that brings their events to life for remote attendees,” said Rick Mace, PGi CEO. “As we continue to adjust to new business norms, enterprises and organizations are seeking ways to evolve physical events into compelling hybrid experiences. Working with Socialive will help our customers take their event content experiences to the next level, delivering higher levels of audience engagement and ultimately more significant impact.”

To learn more about the Socialive-PGi solution, watch the on-demand demo.

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