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Sororities and Fraternities to Manage COVID-19 Liability with Contactless Digital Waivers

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Smartwaiver, the leading provider of digital waivers, announced today a new partnership with OmegaFi – the top operations platform for fraternities and sororities. Omega technology powers more than 4,000 unique chapters and 356,000 members across North America.

With the new partnership, fraternities and sororities who leverage OmegaFi for their membership operations and payment processing will be able to deliver custom liability waivers, assumption of risk acknowledgment forms and other legal agreements directly to a chapter member and/or a guest’s mobile device via text or QR code. This allows for a quick, efficient and contactless interaction that eliminates the need for paper and physical contact.

“Our mandate is to support our fraternal organizations so they can build thriving, fiscally sound communities across their membership. In this new era of COVID-19, sororities and fraternities need to have measures in place to protect their chapters and members from liability,” said Fred Maglione, CEO of OmegaFi. “Many fraternal organizations already use waivers and other legal agreements for their events and activities. Now, many more will be mandating guests to sign a COVID-19 acknowledgment or liability waiver. As such, we want our fraternal community focusing on student life, not administrative hassles. Smartwaiver’s cloud-based technology is an easy solution for chapters and house corporations to deliver and manage signed legal documents to minimize their liability.”

“We are glad to be supporting OmegaFi’s community of sororities and fraternities as students make a return to colleges and universities and social life,” said Maria Trysla, CEO, Smartwaiver. “Adding Smartwaiver technology directly will be a huge benefit in helping chapters and house corporations reduce risk and easily manage contact tracing, guest list attendance and the waiver process.”

Smartwaiver has proven to be the go-to resource for thousands of small and medium-sized businesses, enterprise companies and non-profit organizations to manage COVID-19 and general liability. Overall, Smartwaiver has now issued more than 85 million digital waivers for its partners and clients.

About Smartwaiver

Smartwaiver is an online waiver solution for businesses large and small. Customized, legally binding waivers created with Smartwaiver can be signed online, or at your location on a computer, tablet or smartphone to minimize your liability and enable operational efficiency. Signed Smartwaivers are stored in our secure, searchable database, eliminating the need for paper waivers and filing cabinets. With more than 85 million digital waivers signed, we’re an agile team obsessed with customer service. Millions of Smartwaivers are signed each year by organizations like the NFL, NBA, VANS, and the U.S. Army.

About OmegaFi

At the intersection of technology and fraternity, OmegaFi offers a great depth of knowledge and history of innovative solutions for fraternity and sorority operational management. OmegaFi’s innovative financial, recruitment and virtual engagement tools aligned with a customer-centered approach help collegiate chapters, house corporations, headquarters and foundations optimize operational efficiency and increase revenue.