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Sound Physicians Secures Remote Devices and Protects Patient Data with Absolute Resilience

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Absolute® (TSX: ABST) (Nasdaq: ABST), a leader in Endpoint Resilience™ solutions, announced today that Sound Physicians has selected Absolute Resilience® to secure remote endpoints that routinely process and store sensitive patient data protected by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Sound Physicians, a physician-led operator of medical clinics across the U.S., employs healthcare workers in various medical settings including clinics, hospitals, and others.

With a small, centralized IT team responsible for managing more than 1,700 devices with a vast amount of protected health information (PHI) stored on them, asset management was a significant challenge. When the pandemic hit and healthcare workers began working from home, the complexity of protecting remote devices and data increased exponentially. By deploying Absolute Resilience, Sound Physicians gained an undeletable tether to every device, enabling them to track all devices, freeze, and even wipe them when needed.

“Absolute gives us a single source of truth,” said Jason Smith, Information Technology Security Systems Administrator at Sound Physicians. “It gives us a footprint on every device; we implement it on every endpoint before it leaves our office so we can find them, no matter where they go.”

The company is able to use Absolute’s geolocation services to track the location of its devices to ensure that no PHI leaves the country. Sound Physicians is also working toward its HITRUST certification. The insights within the Absolute console provide them with the information they need easily and quickly – including encryption status and what type is used, OS types, serial numbers, freezing capabilities and more.

“We are thrilled to partner with Sound Physicians on this vital initiative of ensuring the security and privacy of patients and healthcare providers,” said Randy Turer, VP of Enterprise Sales for North America at Absolute. “Knowing where every device is at any point in time, and having the ability to take immediate action to protect the incredibly sensitive data on that device, is critical for all organizations, but it’s especially critical for those that routinely process and store HIPAA-protected PHI.”

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