Press release

Sovereign Sportsman Solutions Adds Patrick Greene as Senior Project Manager

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Sovereign Sportsman Solutions (“Sovereign”) is pleased to announce that
Patrick Greene of Tallahassee, Fla., has joined the company as a senior
project manager.

His responsibilities include providing oversight and day-to-day
management on Sovereign’s complex client deployments, where he will work
internally with product managers, software development teams, business
analysts and quality assurance personnel.

Greene is a highly experienced applications development manager, systems
architect and certified project manager. He has championed numerous
systems and service implementations for technology companies and state
governments over the last 25 years. He brings significant experience in
enterprise architecture, business analysis and strategic planning to
Sovereign as well.

“It’s great to have Patrick join us in project management as he brings a
wealth of industry experience and insight,” Sovereign’s CEO Eric Richey
said. “He has a unique ability to combine intense technology solutions
and basic customer service initiates as he leads his teams and projects.
Adding him allows us to pursue additional growth opportunities.”

About Sovereign Sportsman Solutions: We are a leading provider of
business services and technology platforms for the Outdoor Recreation
industry. We partner with state government agencies, tribal councils and
Canadian provincial governments across North America to provide
transaction-based licensing, permitting, registration, reservation and
mobile solutions which leverages a network of more than 4,000 retail
sales agents including Cabela’s, Bass Pro Shops, Walmart, Academy Sports
and thousands of other value-added industry partners.

Our government clients and industry partners trust us to provide
exceptional online sales platforms and industry-dedicated support
operations, along with marketing and client engagement capabilities
designed to grow revenue and relevancy well into the future. Together
with our partners, Sovereign powers the business of conservation in
North America.