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Spacelabs Debuts Sentinel 11 With Enhanced Patient Data Security and Accessibility for Cardiologists

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Spacelabs Healthcare® (the “Company” or “Spacelabs”) debuted Sentinel®
11 at the 40th Annual Heart Rhythm Scientific Sessions in San Francisco.
This latest release from Spacelabs advances cardiology information
management with optimized workflows, expanded connectivity, and robust
data security capabilities.

“As healthcare organizations face increasingly sophisticated
cybersecurity threats, the need for strong privacy and security control
is critical,” said Spacelabs’ President Jim Green. “At the same time,
cardiologists need seamless access to patient data collected throughout
the care continuum. Sentinel 11 delivers both.”

Spacelabs’ latest cardiology information management system collects data
from a broad range of cardiovascular monitoring devices and provides
easy access to reports and analyses to aid in diagnosis and care,
whether deployed in a small clinic or across a multi-site enterprise

Sentinel 11 provides a high level of security to protect against
unauthorized access to clinical data, staff record data, and a patient’s
protected health information (PHI). Data is encrypted and protected in
transport, on the workstation, in web and data servers, and even in
backup files. For additional privacy, Spacelabs ABP (ambulatory blood
pressure) and Holter devices can operate and work with the Sentinel
system without requiring any PHI to be transferred to the devices.

Cardiovascular care today often employs a variety of non-invasive
diagnostic tools in hospitals, clinics, and the home. Because Sentinel
11 supports multiple non-invasive diagnostic cardiology modalities,
cardiologists can get a comprehensive view of their patients’ health,
whether the data is collected at the patient’s home or in the hospital.
Sentinel can be directly integrated with an organization’s electronic
medical record (EMR) system, accessed on the go via mobile devices, and
serve as a conduit to send recordings to outside services for analysis
and reporting. Sentinel’s web-based solutions are designed to meet
today’s complex requirements with a simple, unified interface.

About Spacelabs

Spacelabs, a division of OSI Systems, Inc., is provider of medical
equipment and services, including solutions for patient monitoring and
connectivity, diagnostic cardiology, and supplies and accessories
selling to hospitals, clinics and physician offices. The Company has
offices in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, France, Germany,
and Italy, and distributors in more than 100 countries around the world.

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