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SparkOffer Consecutively Sells $5.549M in Luxury Residential Real Estate An Average 330 Days Faster Than Traditional Methods

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SparkOffer, a modern transaction platform that provides a more transparent way of connecting sellers with buyers to generate offers on their properties, today announced the successful close of 220 Cortina Drive in Telluride, CO ($3.65M) and 464 North Lake Boulevard ($1.895M) in Mahopac, NY. SparkOffer took over the marketing of these listings, and in 41 days sold 220 Cortina Drive after sitting on the market for 425 days and sold 464 North Lake Boulevard in less than 90 days after being on the market for 365 days.

SparkOffer is a new web and mobile-accessible platform where agents, buyers and sellers can list for-sale homes and make direct offers on a property within a call-for-offers deadline. SparkOffer’s inventive strategies and technologies, such as the Watch Tool which subscribes users to real-time text and email alerts when offers are submitted on a property of interest, helped the homes attract real buyers with serious interest and close offers far quicker and with less hassle than traditional methods. In addition to SparkOffer’s capabilities, a key component to the success of the sales was the commitment from both homeowners to sell quickly, allowing for fairly-adjusted asking prices that were enticing to buyers yet still profitable for the sellers.

“SparkOffer ignited the sales of 220 Cortina Drive and 464 North Lake Boulevard, which are located in very different markets, proving that luxury buyers are highly attracted to a more modern transaction process,” said Mike Russo, founder of SparkOffer. “Both sellers were frustrated with the age-old manner of listing luxury homes and found our solution proved profitable in a short-turnaround.”

In August 2019, seller Sean Hakes decided to utilize SparkOffer’s strategy of listing his Telluride home with a range asking price in an effort to attract new potential buyers. The home was then marketed to an internal database, multiple showings were scheduled (five people flew in to see the property) and 23 new leads were generated. Utilizing the Watch tool, SparkOffer secured 82 ‘Watchers’ interested in staying up to date on the property’s movement. In late September, after only 41 days listed on SparkOffer, the home sold for $3.65M.

“After having our home on the market for well over one year, we decided to use the SparkOffer platform in partnership with our listing agent and it proved to be a powerful combination,” said Hakes. “After being listed for about a year and half and getting almost no interest, SparkOffer delivered several offers within our desired price range almost immediately. The offer we accepted came from a serious buyer and we closed it within the month. I would recommend SparkOffer to anyone who is serious about selling their home in a timely and cost-efficient manner.”

Similarly, 464 North Lake Boulevard in Mahopac, NY sat on the market for one year and received no offers. In April 2019, homeowner Michael Levine placed his home on SparkOffer and accepted an offer of $1.895M in June. By listing with SparkOffer, Levine was under contract in less than 90 days.

“SparkOffer’s ability to attract interested buyers and give them complete control of the purchase experience is an incredible evolution in an otherwise stagnant and broken real estate offering,” said Levine. “SparkOffer demonstrates how luxury homes should be sold in a timely, efficient manner. Having a platform where specialty homes, like mine, aren’t mingled with other homes in the marketplace provides selective buyers an exclusive place to view homes and take control of the purchase experience.”

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About SparkOffer

SparkOffer is a PropTech service designed to allow users to submit and accept real-time offers on for-sale homes via web and mobile devices. SparkOffer increases the buyer pool for sellers as buyers can still elect typical offer terms like home inspections and mortgage contingencies, which are not available through alternative selling routes. SparkOffer was created with the goal to provide agents and sellers a simplified tool to modernize and increase productivity in home-selling.