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Speakeasy Introduces New Program Aimed at Helping Businesses Address Shortcomings of Virtual Meeting Facilitation

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As organizations continue to reckon with the significant shift to conducting business online, many of those responsible for facilitating virtual meetings in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic simply don’t possess the knowledge to effectively lead and manage these vital, high-stakes communications. The result is that businesses too often leave some critical chips on the table and fall short of business targets.

Recognizing the crucial role virtual meeting facilitation plays in today’s business landscape, Speakeasy, Inc., the leading global consulting firm focused on professional communication development, today announces the launch of Virtual Meetings that Get Results. The new program is specifically designed to help meeting hosts reclaim much of the face-to-face connection that’s lost in a virtual setting by bringing productivity and interaction to critical meetings that now occur online.

“Although virtual meeting hosting existed before March 2020, the onset of the pandemic caused them to become an immediate stop-gap solution to keep business moving forward. Now that the dust has settled, it’s apparent that the paradigm has shifted, and virtual meetings are here to stay,” said Scott Weiss, CEO of Speakeasy. “Speakeasy’s objective is embedded within the name of our new program, Virtual Meetings that Get Results. The opportunity cost of continuing business as usual without the specific capabilities needed, can have serious implications to the organization’s bottom line, and the impact is magnified over time.”

Virtual Meetings that Get Results is a one-day, style and content-focused program for virtual meeting facilitators. The program is delivered in two 2.75-hour virtual sessions over the course of a single day. Participants will learn methods for building connections with virtual audiences in ways that drive results, maximize management of virtual environments, and produce actionable key steps to influence agendas and message strategy, leading to measurable outcomes.

Further, the program will focus on practical ways to manage interactions and prioritize tasks in virtual environments, and will provide insights on how to best manage a virtual delivery environment, including camera angles, backgrounds, body language, and energy. Perhaps most importantly, participants will be taught methods for creating the impression they want and need – as listeners and speakers – in a virtual environment.

“After identifying the challenges faced by and outcomes achieved by virtual meeting facilitators, we created this purpose-built program to ensure that anyone who facilitates a virtual meeting has all the tools they need to achieve the same level of business success as their in-person counterparts,” added Weiss.

Virtual Meetings that Get Results is offered as part of Speakeasy’s recently launched SpeakeasyVIRTUAL suite of programs worldwide, and is open to individuals or groups of up to eight participants. For more information, please visit

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