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Spectrum Networks and KYOCERA SLD Laser Team Up to Develop Next Generation Lighting and Wireless Connectivity Solutions for Private Aviation

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Spectrum Networks is utilizing revolutionary proprietary technology from KYOCERA SLD Laser (KSLD) in a suite of products poised to redefine lighting and wireless connectivity in aviation.

Known as LaserLightTM, KSLD’s groundbreaking technology is the world’s brightest and most innovative light source. LaserLight outshines the limits of LED to deliver safe, high luminance white light from an incredibly small point source that is efficiently fiber delivered. LaserLight, when coupled with LiFi technology, enables secure communication at speeds 100x higher than LED based LiFi systems from an RF-free, lightweight solution.

Spectrum Networks is spearheading the advancement of LaserLight based LiFi into private aviation and beyond. Spectrum Networks is working closely with KLSD and their extended team with direct involvement from the distinguished Professor and KSLD Senior Advisor Harald Haas, widely known as the inventor of LiFi.

About KYOCERA SLD Laser, Inc.

KYOCERA SLD Laser, Inc. (KSLD) is a wholly owned subsidiary and group company of KYOCERA Corporation, commercializing a new generation of gallium nitride based laser light sources for automotive, mobility, specialty lighting, and consumer applications. The company is ISO 9001 certified and automotive compliant to IATF 16949, and operates facilities in Santa Barbara, CA and in Fremont, CA. KSLD’s high luminance LaserLightTM sources are UL and IEC safety certified and are utilized in a myriad of applications including automotive & mobility, specialty & portable lighting, entertainment & outdoor, projection & AR/VR displays, biomedical instrumentation & therapeutics, and industrial imaging & material processing. The company was recently ranked 7th in Fortune magazine’s “2020 Best Workplaces in Manufacturing & ProductionTM,” having promoted an employee-centric corporate culture since its founding. To learn more about KSLD, visit or contact the company at or 1-866-753-5273.

About Spectrum Networks, LLC

Spectrum Networks was founded by long time aerospace industry professionals, passionate about delivering a reliable solution to dramatically improve wireless content & data distribution while making aircraft cabins safer environments for all.

Our mission and focus will steadfastly remain on our customers, creating innovative means to not only advance wireless technologies by harnessing the power of light, but protect those same passengers in aircraft cabins around the world from invisible threats. To learn more about Spectrum Networks, visit or contact the company at