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SPG Media Wins Award for The Best Video Production Company in Toronto

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, a media production company specializing in video commercials
and corporate video production has earned the IIFFT (International
Indian Film Festival of Toronto) Award for The Best
Video Production Company in Toronto
. The IIFFT in conjunction with
many industry leaders and Bollywood celebrities recognizes production
companies in the media industry through the IIFFT company recognition

“Video production is slowly becoming the main communication tool between
a brand and their consumers. The higher the production and content
quality, the better the message is conveyed,” said Safeer Qureshi, CEO
of SPG Media. “That’s why we’re very excited in supporting the IIFFT to
help set a higher standard for the industry.”

The IIFFT Awards consist of nominating multiple companies each
specializing in an area of the media industry including Best Acting
Agency, Best live performance company and Best Video Production Company.
Each nominee is required to have previously worked on a project with
IIFFT. The nominations are then narrowed down to a winner in each

“There’s no real secret to high production video. It’s all about how
it’s executed,” said Qureshi. “Even though the tools to produce high
quality video are getting more accessible, companies are still lacking
the knowledge and ability to be able to use them how they’re meant to be
used. It’s not just about having a fast car, you have to know how to
drive it to its full potential.”

SPG Media is constantly incorporating the latest technology to help
improve production quality. However, they do not rely on it to create
the final product and simply use them as tools to help make the process
more efficient.

About SPG Media

SPG Media is an award-winning video production company consisting of
visionaries and perfectionists. Their area of expertise is in designing
emotion-striking messages that help communicate the message that clients
have, to their desired audience. Whether it be a message communicated in
a comedic way or a heartfelt message only explained through sincere
emotion, SPG Media combines Hollywood-level high quality video with
creative storytelling to produce the perfect video every time.

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