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Spiracle Media Leads the Charge to Help Businesses Welcome Employees Back With Video

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When the pandemic hit last year, North Carolina-based video content agency Spiracle Media did what most companies had to do: closed their office and tried to figure out how to operate in the time of unknowns. With newly remote employees and frontline workers, many business leaders questioned how to best communicate across their organizations. Spiracle saw this as an opportunity to pivot their business strategy and help partners use video to strengthen their internal communications.

As many corporate offices start to reopen, Spiracle has taken to their biggest skillset, storytelling with video, to continue helping their organizations across the country re-engage employees for the next chapter of their businesses.

“With employee-related anxiety being so high, it’s important for businesses to clearly and effectively address any uncertainty employees might have as they return,” said Tim Baier, co-founder and CEO of Spiracle Media. “We have found that video content is an easy-to-digest format for businesses to relay this important information.”

One partner, the YMCA of Greater Charlotte, has taken the opportunity to communicate by video with their employees, members and the community.

“Video was a critical piece of how we communicated during the pandemic and continues to be an important communication tool for our Y both internally and externally,” said Heather Briganti, senior director of communications & PR for the YMCA of Greater Charlotte. “As we navigated the early impacts of the pandemic, our internal communication videos helped us effectively share important updates and maintain a sense of connection among our team members when we couldn’t be physically together.”

Founded in 2011 by three former sports anchors passionate about the art of storytelling, Spiracle Media has since become a high-end producer of video content for some of the largest brands in the country.

“Video is the way of the future,” said Jarod Latch, co-founder and COO of Spiracle Media. “Employees get hundreds of emails a day, and it is easy for them to gloss over information or feel disconnected from their organizations. Email can also lack emotion, but with video, we try to encompass the ‘human-ness’ of an organization to communicate more effectively and even help boost morale.”

Spiracle launched the Back to Better video package to offer a fresh way for business leaders to re-engage employees by setting expectations upon return (such as flexible work models), share new initiatives (like a new mental health offering) or showcase appreciation for persevering through the pandemic. The video content is customizable, providing up to three one-minute videos to utilize for employee or customer communications.

“Communicating with video is powerful, and we look forward to helping transform the corporate content landscape here in Charlotte and beyond,” said Latch. “There is a different level of care when communicating by video, and we feel like it can help connect people in a powerful way. After the pandemic, I think we all need more connection.”

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