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Splunk Unveils North American Boss of the SOC Threat Hunting Competition

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(NASDAQ: SPLK), delivering actions and outcomes from the world
of data, today announced the first annual North
American Splunk Boss of the SOC (BOTS)
, a one-day, 10-city
competition, on June 19. A longtime favorite event of the security
community, Splunk BOTS is a Jeopardy-style, capture-the-flag-esque
competition in which participants use Splunk® solutions — and other
technologies —to answer a variety of questions about realistic
enterprise environment security incidents.

As organizations around the world face increasingly sophisticated
attacks from nation-states, rogue hacking groups and elite hacking
organizations, security analysts must leverage tools that can monitor,
detect and act on data at machine speed. Splunk BOTS is designed to
recreate the life of a security analyst tracking down an adversary
through all stages of an attack.

Splunk BOTS is a hands-on, immersive team-led exercise that uses the
power of data to defeat threats. Initially introduced at .conf16,
Splunk’s annual user conference, Splunk BOTS trains customers how to
leverage their data effectively and confidently through exposure to new
data sources, mature software usage and introduction to Splunk
Enterprise Security. Participants in the competition gain real-time
training in a variety of skills essential to the modern-day Security
Operations Center (SOC), including security monitoring, incident
investigation and advanced threat detection. Splunk BOTS is not only for
the seasoned Splunk security professional, but also for curious security
analysts who want to network and gain continuous security training while
learning in a stress-free, easy-to-use environment.

“As the world’s pizza delivery leader with an emphasis on technology
innovation, Splunk’s National Boss of the SOC event is a great
opportunity to bring our security team together in a fun and competitive
environment,” said Mike Cox, Domino’s Splunk Architect. “BOTS gives
organizations an opportunity to meet other security experts from
different industries and share best practices, which is critical as the
community works together against emerging cybercrime. Plus, winning the
first BOTS event we participated in was unforgettable.”

The event takes place across 10 North American cities, including
Atlanta, Chicago, Denver, Houston, Irvine, New York City, San Jose,
Seattle, Toronto and Washington, D.C. Winners of the city and national
BOTS competitions will be invited to .conf19,
the 10th Annual Splunk Users Conference, on October 21-24 in Las Vegas
to compete in the largest on-site BOTS event. To register
and compete
in a city near you, visit the Splunk website.

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