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Spreadshirt Expands R&D Hub in its Headquarters

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In the first quarter of 2020, Spreadshirt expanded the machinery at its headquarters in Leipzig and developed it into a research and development hub. Six embroidery machines and the Kornit Avalanche PolyPro were installed. The latter is one of the first of its kind worldwide. This new technology complements the existing machines for digital and foil printing on textiles in the Leipzig location.

In the R&D department, Spreadshirt is not only testing cutting-edge printing techniques but also new software the IT team has developed in-house. Additionally, the team establishes processes and standards to be implemented on an international scale at locations in Poland, the Czech Republic and the United States. As the development of such innovations continues, quality improvement will further flourish.

Multi-faceted knowledge from Germany

The German location was chosen by Spreadshirt because of the ideal conditions for research and development. A great number of the local employees have been with the company for many years and have expert knowledge. For example, the average seniority level on the production floor is over ten years. The notable size and structure of the company headquarters allows employees from marketing, IT or purchasing to personally exchange ideas with co-workers from production and development and to test them right away.

Over the next two years, Spreadshirt will continue to invest in new machines and technologies (see press release 07/16/19) At the R&D hub in Leipzig UV printing and products from the non-textile sector will be tested to address entirely new customer demographics.

“With our experienced team in Leipzig and their enormous know-how, we can develop new technologies for Spreadshirt which we can then use internationally. In this way, we are approaching our goal of being the world’s largest company in our industry, in giant strides,” emphasizes Spreadshirt CEO Philip Rooke.

Additional Facts and Figures:

  • Number of employees worldwide: >900
  • Numbers of employees in Leipzig, Germany: 400
  • Spreadshirt branch offices: Germany (Leipzig) and USA (Greensburg, PA)
  • Spreadshirt production sites: Germany (Leipzig), Poland (Legnica), Czech Republic (Krupka), USA (Greensburg, PA and Henderson, NV)
  • Revenue 2018: $130M ($11.7M EBITDA)

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About Spreadshirt

Spreadshirt is the self-expression global e-commerce company. It empowers people to express themselves through creating, discovering, and selling clothing and accessories with messages they want the world to hear.

Companies like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube enable self-expression in the digital world but people don’t have the same opportunities in the real world where the need still exists.

Spreadshirt’s three approaches – create your own, marketplace and shops – provide limitless opportunity for on-person self-expression.

Founded in 2002, Spreadshirt is available in 12 languages, operates five global production sites and ships to over 170 countries. In 2018, it hit global revenue of $130 million, printed more than 5.5 million items, and had over 100,000 selling partners.

SPOD (Spreadshirt Print-On-Demand) is also part of the Spreadshirt family and offers fast, top-quality print-on-demand (POD) drop shipping for third-party points-of-sale.