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Squabble™ Launches Mobile App on Android and iOS, Redefines Small Claims for America

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Squabble International, Inc., former Apple CMO, Chuck Berger




Squabble International, Inc. launches mobile app that enables the average person to amicably settle their small claims disputes through a simple, streamlined mobile application.




Apple App Store and Google Play




June 24th, 2019




The civil justice system simply takes too long and costs too much. The Small Claims arena, in particular, is archaic and out-of-sync with a world in which one now carries out important life tasks on their smartphone. As a consequence, each year, millions of legal disputes are put aside, for fear of time and monetary commitment.

Squabble™ provides a time-efficient and cost-effective way to settle disputes digitally, thereby revolutionizing our relationship with the legal industry. Squabble’s patent-pending digital mediation and e-file facilitation platform enables individuals to resolve their disputes in a manner that better reflects the pace and innovation of modern commerce. Crowd-sourced “Certified Squabble Mediators™” (“CSMs”) liaising between parties to resolve financial disputes cut down the required time and cost to allow for a vast marketplace to be brought to light. In the event a dispute is unable to be settled, either party may “Squash™” their Squabble, auto-filing in court with the tap of a button. Squabble is the first ever app of its kind and will redefine small claims for America.

Squabble International, Inc.

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