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Stackery Launches Global Partner Program to Accelerate Well-Architected Serverless Application Delivery

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Serverless workflow company Stackery has announced the launch of the Stackery Partner Program, a global initiative to empower solution integrators with application development practices to deliver fully realized serverless applications to customers using the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Well-Architected Framework. Its first partners include Ikon Integration and Three Five Two.

The Stackery Partner Program makes it easy for AWS Consulting Partners to hand off complete and fully operational software products with easy to communicate architectures and workflows instead of one-off projects that force customers to navigate YAML templates. Existing partners report that with Stackery, developers can more easily translate existing application architecture knowledge to AWS serverless application building blocks such as AWS Lambda, Amazon API Gateway, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon Kinesis, and AWS Fargate.

“Stackery has been key in our ability to visualize and explain serverless systems to stakeholders who might not understand all that is available to them via AWS. In fact, we like to say that Stackery has been the gateway drug to all of the services AWS has to offer,” said Richard Brookfield, Vice President of Technology, Three Five Two. “Stackery has lessened the pain in onboarding customers and reduced any risk related to adopting a serverless model. We can now empower them to become domain owners.”

Benefits of joining the Stackery Partner Program:

  • Easily communicate the complete architecture and workflows to a client while mitigating the infrastructure and implementation details.
  • Handoff a complete product instead of a project. Stackery makes it simple to deliver an entire operational platform along with the applications themselves, all in a well-architected manner.
  • Turn an application development team into a serverless Center of Excellence and give them the power to build, deploy, and manage applications safely, without a massive training investment.
  • Manage and consolidate customer billing directly through AWS Marketplace.

“Solutions Integrators are a direct line of communication to those ‘hair-on-fire’ development teams who need Stackery the most because they can now give those customers application delivery superpowers,” said Farrah Campbell, Ecosystem Director, Stackery. “The Stackery Partner Program will also help Stackery to enter new markets around the world as more businesses realize the powerful capabilities that Stackery and AWS together provide.”

Learn more about Stackery’s Partner Program here or get started with Stackery today on the AWS Marketplace.

About Stackery

Stackery enables software developers and operations teams to confidently and continuously compose, deploy, and manage applications built on Amazon Web Services Serverless. The company was named a “2019 Development Tools Company To Watch” by SDTimes, is an Amazon Advanced Technology Partner and holds AWS DevOps Competency status. Stackery was founded in 2016 and has raised $7.4M in seed investment, led by Hummer Winblad Ventures and Voyager Capital. Learn more at