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Start Your High-paying Tech Career Today With Bay Valley Tech’s Free Software Developer Program

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This week, Bay Valley Tech is hosting two informational sessions about its free software development program for Central Valley residents. The events will take place in Stockton on October 24, and in Modesto on October 26. Interested parties must attend one of the two sessions to be considered for priority spots on the program’s waiting list.

Software development is a highly lucrative career with many professionals now making over $150,000 annually. Those job opportunities will continue to grow as technology accelerates transformation of businesses and our everyday lives. The increasing shortage of software developers in the Bay Area is creating tremendous opportunities for Central Valley residents willing to learn how to write computer code. The rise of team-based approaches to software development has also increased demand for programmers with strong people and communication skills. And barriers to entry have dropped significantly over the last 15 years. Today, four-year computer science degrees are not a requirement for many tech firms and thousands have successfully pivoted into software careers in less than a year.

Modesto-based Bay Valley Tech has now lowered the barrier to entry even further by creating a unique zero-cost code academy launching on January 20, 2020. The program will have the capacity to train 50 software students in its first year, but the company is working with partners to increase that capacity up to 150 students.

About Bay Valley Tech

Bay Valley Tech ( is an innovative company whose code academy helps transition Central Valley residents into software careers. It also operates ValleyWorx, a Modesto-based hub of tech innovation and entrepreneurship, where companies can find support through flexible office space and connections with a strong local tech and startup community.