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Stats Perform Launches Opta Graphics, the Most Intuitive Multimedia Graphics Tool

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Stats Perform, the revolutionary leader in sports AI and data, today announced the official launch of Opta Graphics, an all-encompassing multimedia graphics tool incorporating unique AI-powered data and insights that drive fan attention.

Opta Graphics’ web-based platform produces world-class, data-driven visuals leveraging nearly 40 years of data collection expertise and advanced AI metrics to spark engagement and unlock additional sponsorship revenue opportunities. The platform supports high-resolution player and team images, videos and GIFS that are matched with compelling, up-to-the-minute sports data and insights to keep organizations ahead of the latest match updates. Opta Graphics are fully customizable, allowing organizations to develop custom templates, designs and language to meet their brand’s visual identity.

“Sports coverage today requires organizations to be fast and nimble and to deliver unique and compelling content that will resonate with their audiences,” Stats Perform Chief Technology Officer Dr. Helen Sun said. “Our new Opta Graphics check all the boxes, giving our customers high-resolution compelling content integrated with our fast and accurate AI-powered data and insights, all from a sleek, simple to use platform. Now organizations can send out exciting sports content as it happens across broadcast, digital, mobile and social media, connecting fans with significant moments in real-time.”

Opta Graphics’ customizable components include new-age stats like expected goals (soccer), player heat maps (soccer), player and team shot charts (basketball and hockey), spray charts (baseball) and strike zones (baseball), backed by Stats Perform’s AI algorithms and tracking data. The platform also includes a Gameday feature for social media that will immediately produce automated graphics with live event data as the action happens based on pre-determined triggers selected before a match, perfect for reaching fans across all age groups.

“We’ve heard the common challenges the industry faces when creating live sports graphics – production time, limited resources and platform integration,” Stats Perform vice president of product management Wayne Young said. “With Opta Graphics, we simplify the sports graphic creation process, giving our customers time to focus on more urgent tasks while generating content that creates new fan engagement and sponsorship opportunities. With Opta Graphics, customers can now build and customize dynamic graphics with Stats Perform’s live, reliable sports data and distribute it across multiple channels. This gives organizations the tools to scale the production of compelling live sports content.”

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