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Steel Technologies Rolls Forward with Cleo Integration Cloud to Improve Data Communications, Ecosystem Scalability

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the global leader in ecosystem integration software solutions, today
announced that Steel Technologies LLC, one of North America’s leading
steel processors, has deployed the Cleo
Integration Cloud
platform to ensure ongoing operational improvement
within its business and across its ecosystem of manufacturing partners.

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Headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, Steel Technologies processes
flat-rolled steel for customers across a wide variety of industrial
sectors and plays a key role in North America’s manufacturing ecosystem.
The company’s recent entry into aluminum processing, and increased
business from the automotive sector, for example, are bringing new
customer demands and more complex integration requirements.

“As a company committed to exceeding customer expectations and to
continuously improving trading partner collaboration, having integration
solutions that contribute to operational excellence and that keep us
easy to do business with are central to Steel Technologies’ IT
strategy,” said Todd Hendershot, CIO of Steel Technologies. “Cleo
Integration Cloud gives us the confidence that we can scale as necessary
to meet customer and partner demands, no matter how much the
manufacturing landscape shifts and changes.”

On any given day, Steel Technologies exchanges thousands of EDI
documents with customers, suppliers, and vendors. These transmissions
include invoices, inventory reports, shipping notices, and order forms,
among other documents important to achieving successful trading partner
relationships. Prior to Cleo, the company’s inflexible file transfer
solution was unreliable. It depended heavily on internal customization
and manual intervention to keep connections up and working, provided no
real-time alerts to surface communication errors, and was limited in its
reporting capabilities.

After deployment of Cleo Integration Cloud, Steel Technologies has
achieved measurable improvements, such as:

  • Faster, easier partner onboarding that helps keep the company easy to
    do business with;
  • The ability to respond rapidly in the event of communication errors,
    leading to stronger customer relationships;
  • Better system-generated alerts, notifications, tracking, and reporting
    that improve real-time visibility and control.

“Cleo Integration Cloud is helping us remain nimble in the face of
ever-changing market dynamics, and the platform’s inherent flexibility
enables us to exceed customer expectations while positioning us well for
future growth. It’s a complete solution that works well for us,”
Hendershot added.

Integration Cloud
is a powerful integration platform that enables a
business to connect, move, transform, and orchestrate ecosystem, cloud,
application, and big data integration flows via both self-service and
managed-service experiences. As a complete and robust platform with
flexible deployment options, and spanning all modern integration use
cases, Cleo Integration Cloud delivers the automated solutions and
intuitive controls today’s companies need to easily connect and
consolidate systems, applications, services, people, and processes –
providing countless ways to discover and create value by improving
business data flows throughout business ecosystems.

“Steel Technologies’ recent deployment of Cleo Integration Cloud
demonstrates the platform’s unique ability to improve end-to-end
business processes to create business value,” said Cleo CEO Mahesh
. “By considering marketplace dynamics and becoming
truly ecosystem-driven, I have no doubt Steel Technologies will remain
the leader in the North American steel processing industry.”

About Steel Technologies

Steel Technologies, headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, is one of the
leading steel processors in North America and leverages its broad
geographic network of operations to deliver value-added products and
services to customers. Steel Technologies processes flat-rolled steel to
specific thickness, width, temper, finish, and shape requirements for
the automotive, appliance, lawn and garden, agriculture, construction,
office furniture, hardware and consumer goods industries. More
information about Steel Technologies can be found at

About Cleo

Cleo is an ecosystem integration software company focused on business
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