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Stellar Cyber Launches Starlight 3.1, First Unified Security Analytics Solution with Enhanced AI and Machine Learning

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Security professionals have long struggled with cyber defense activities like manual threat detection and extreme firewall noise – until now. Security analytics provider Stellar Cyber today announced Starlight™ 3.1, the first Unified Security Analytics Platform that leverages artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) for automated threat hunting and advanced breach detection, enabling businesses to not only rapidly detect and contain emerging threats, but also to reap significant savings in time, costs, and human capital. With soaring demand from MSSPs, VARs, and mid- to large-sized companies, Stellar Cyber is also experiencing “hockey stick” growth and now serves more than 100 customers worldwide.

“At Stellar Cyber, we hear a shared lament from companies of all sizes and industries: they can’t afford to be the next Equifax, and they are tired of wasting countless hours in manual detection and defense activities,” said Stellar Cyber CPO John Peterson. “The launch of data- and AI-driven Starlight is a timely unified solution that allows organizations to automatically detect and thwart attacks on their critical data systems before damage is done or data is lost. Our recent months of rapid customer traction validates the timeliness and need.”

Starlight: Unified Platform Vastly Bolsters Threat Hunting and Breach Detection

With Starlight, the SOC command center, security administrators will have faster, better, and more accurate detection and response. An all-in-one platform for pervasive data collection, breach detection, investigation, and response (CDIR), Starlight delivers the following new capabilities in the 3.1 release, ranking it as one of the most robust security analytics platforms in the market today. View the Starlight video here.

  • Automated Threat Hunting: An industry first, this revolutionary capability automates the way administrators search for and respond to threats. Instead of running the same queries manually every time, administrators can create queries and rules that automatically execute on set schedules and automatically trigger response actions such as emailing of alerts and initiating direct firewall blocking actions.
  • Firewall Machine Learning: Starlight 3.1 is the only product to apply machine learning to firewall data, eliminating event noise and providing visibility for high-fidelity firewall anomalies. Administrators can not only focus on relevant deny events but can now also gain higher-level visibility of the overall firewall policy use. While machine learning is difficult to achieve without overhauling the firewall infrastructure, Starlight enables this capability and allows administrators to send firewall log data for analysis, detection, and response to anomalous firewall actions and rule usage. Starlight works with major firewall providers including Palo Alto Networks, Fortinet, Checkpoint, Juniper, Hillstone, and AWS.
  • Improved Breach Detection: Starlight 3.1 is unique in its ability to correlate both intrusion attempt data from built-in machine learning intrusion detection systems (ML-IDS) and third party vulnerability scan data, providing the highest fidelity and most accurate breach detection data. Thus, administrators can better discover actual breaches vs. breach attempts or excessive false positives.

“We reviewed many solutions and are very happy to select Stellar Cyber’s Starlight to enhance our Security Operations Center’s maturity,” said John Graham, Global CISO at EBSCO, an enterprise customer of Stellar Cyber. “We needed a cutting-edge solution for our team to better protect EBSCO’s very diverse portfolio of businesses globally. The Starlight platform brings together advanced AI and machine learning to present our team with ‘real anomalies’ in an easy-to-understand and action format aligned to the cyber kill chain. In a very short time, the system has already, during proof of concept, shown effectiveness in removing normal non-threatening activities from those we should be focused on.”

“Hockey Stick” Customer Growth

In the past three months, Stellar Cyber has realized “hockey stick” growth in sales as more organizations across North America, EMEA, and Asia sought to fortify their cybersecurity defenses. Since Starlight is easily integrated with existing perimeter defense solutions and other traditional cybersecurity solutions, it’s simple for customers to deploy a complete unified security analytics platform.

Stellar Cyber is now providing protection to more than 100 organizations representing insurance, telecommunications, finance, retail, technology, and education industries. Techmatrix, an MSSP in Japan; Suva, the Swiss National Accident Insurance Fund; InSoc & 5iron, both MSSPs; University of Zurich; Fujisoft; and EBSCO, a research information provider are just some of its new customers. With many active POCs and a healthy pipeline of opportunities, the rapid growth looks like it will continue if not accelerate.

“Stellar Cyber’s unification of security tools used at the Central Informatics Department of the University of Zurich into a single integrated platform will help us to take an important step forward in the area of security monitoring in an efficient and resource-saving manner,” said the IT Security Director at University of Zurich. “Starlight has been easily integrated into our environment without a lot of preliminary work and delivered usable results after only a few minutes. The quality of Stellar’s detections as well as the processed data available to the analyst in the Interflow protocol proved to be very helpful and valuable in identifying abnormal activities during the proof of concept. In addition, the multi-client capability is very helpful, especially in the university environment with its many faculties and institutes.”

About Stellar Cyber

Stellar Cyber, a Silicon Valley-based security analytics company, is the creator of Starlight, a unified security analytics platform designed to be the SOC Command Center for pervasive data collection, breach detection, investigation, and response (CDIR). The company’s customers are mid-tier and large enterprises and service providers building managed detection and response services for those who don’t have in house incident responders. Starlight allows organizations to automatically detect and thwart attacks on their critical data systems before damage is done or data is lost and deploys easily in any computing and network environment. Stellar Cyber is backed by Valley Capital Partners, Northern Light Venture Capital, Digital Hearts, and other investors. Learn more at