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Strategy Analytics: Menlo Micro Low-loss RF Switch Has Broad Potential

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In the new Strategy Analytics Insight report “Has Menlo Micro Developed the Perfect RF Switch?” the author provides an analysis of the company’s technology and potential markets, noting the advantages over mechanical switches and incumbent semiconductor switches.

According to Christopher Taylor, Director, RF & Wireless Components and author of the report, “The Company claims to have solved the long-standing issue of stiction common to metal-contact MEMS (microelectromechanical systems) switches by drawing on technology originally developed by General Electric, a backer of Menlo Micro. Metal contact MEMS switches provide several advantages in radio frequency (RF) applications, for example low losses and high power handling capabilities. These switches should prove very useful in 5G base station and wireless backhaul radios.”

Eric Higham, Director of the Strategy Analytics Advanced Semiconductor Applications services, added, “Another advantage of Menlo Micro’s switch technology is that it can serve multiple markets including AC and DC power markets, allowing multiple market entry points for the company’s switch products. With future integration of control functions, it could also potentially do well in cellular handset applications.”

Source: Strategy Analytics, Inc.


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