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Strategy Analytics Reopens In-person UX Research

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Adhering to strict health and safety guidelines, the UX Innovation Practice at Strategy Analytics is once again offering face to face research in California. Implementing new heightened procedures and protocols to protect clients, employees and participants, Strategy Analytics is working tirelessly to facilitate in-person user experience research during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Commented Kevin Nolan, VP, User Experience Innovation Practice at Strategy Analytics, “Strategy Analytics is committed to ensuring the safety of clients, employees and participants alike. We are confident that we are able to offer a safe and conducive research environment despite the obvious challenges. We will be working with all our research partners to ensure that wherever possible, we are mitigating the risks by following the advice of experts.”

Offering extensive custom research capabilities for clients analyzing UX innovation opportunities in wireless, smart home, and in-vehicle, the relaxation of State and Local Government restrictions in California has allowed the restart of in-person research from June 1. In addition to CA, Strategy Analytics continues to monitor which other states are open for research to meet client requirements across the US. Face to face research capabilities in the UK are currently anticipated to start from July 4, in line with UK Government directives.

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