Press release

Stratford, CT – Nearly 12,000 Electronic Tax Payments Collected in 1st Quarter

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Taxes. No one likes paying them. But real estate taxes support necessary services throughout our community.

Town homeowners will have the option of making an electronic payment, paying by phone, or mailing a check this month to pay their tax bill. Town taxpayers are embracing electronic payment technology, as evidenced by almost 12,000 of Town of Stratford’s tax payments being made electronically through Invoice Cloud in Q1.

Selina Moschello, Stratford Tax Collector, encourages her residents to pay electronically: “Don’t wait on line, pay your taxes online! The Town of Stratford is pleased to be able to offer these convenient payment options to taxpayers. We understand that people do not look forward to paying tax bills, so providing fast, simple and secure ways to make a payment lessens the burden for them and encourages on-time payments.”

Bob Lapides, Invoice Cloud President, stated “Taxpayers prefer self-service and flexibility on when, where and how to make tax payments electronically, that includes online payments, pay by phone and mobile payments. Paper check usage has been steadily declining for the last 19 years, mostly due to the convenience of electronic payments.”

Taxpayers cite the following top reasons for paying bills electronically: convenience, receipt of payment and avoiding late payment fines. The following benefits are most popular with the Town of Stratford taxpayers:

  • Also known as guest payments, One-time Payments allow taxpayers to pay without creating an account. They are user friendly; you shouldn’t have to register just to see and pay your bill.
  • Paperless billing – Over 1.6M customers have already gone Paperless with Invoice Cloud to eliminate clutter, reduce paper waste and help the environment.
  • Things change, choosing the best way to pay requires payment flexibility. Whether taxpayers pay online, at the counter, via mobile, through text, or by phone today, next time they’ll want to pay, schedule a payment or view their bill differently.
  • Easy-to-use – finding, viewing invoices and payment history, and paying bills should be straight forward and simple.
  • To save time, registered taxpayers take advantage of OneClickPay (similar to Amazon 1-Click), to jump directly to the payment page, skipping the invoice selection and payment entry processes.
  • For those that would rather not even think about paying their tax bill, AutoPay automatically deducts the tax payment on the due date using the customer’s default payment method. Over five hundred thousand customers take advantage of this convenient option each month with Invoice Cloud.

This year please pay online at Or, call (888) 332-0292 to pay by phone.