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Streamlabs Unveils Creator Sites; Integrated Website-Builder and Commerce Platform for Live Streamers

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the leading provider of live streaming tools, is announcing the general
availability of Creator
, a new content creator-focused website builder to help live
streamers consolidate their online brand, monetize their stream, and
grow their online business. This is “Shopify for Creators”, enabling
live streamers to showcase their brand while monetizing via donations,
and selling apparel and accessories from their own website.

Built by streamers for streamers, Creator Sites is integrated with
leading content platforms like Twitter, YouTube, Twitch, Mixer,
Facebook, and Instagram. Cross-platform content aggregation allows the
live stream, stream chat and an activity feed from all linked platforms
to be displayed on the creator’s website. Creators receive a unique web
address and professional email. The platforms intuitive drag and drop
user interface requires no background in web editing or knowledge about
domains, cybersecurity, email server setup or SEO. Creator Sites act as
a landing page to give viewers, potential sponsors, and business
partners one central location to see the latest activity from the

Ali ‘Myth’ Kabbani, a popular live streamer with over five million
followers on Twitch said, “Creator Sites give me the tools to build a
website that serves as a community hub for my fans, and allows me to
continue to grow my community in a unique way like never before.”

Basic features for Creator Sites are free, and the bespoke user
experience has been tailored for content creators. For $149 per year,
creators can subscribe to “Streamlabs Prime,” a new service in which
members unlock advanced features for Creator Sites and additional
features for a variety of Streamlabs products.


  • Domain with information protection and enterprise-grade security
  • 1-click custom email setup on personal domain
  • Integrated commerce and monetization
  • Website builder for beginner to advanced users
  • Content Creator specific, drag-and-drop building blocks
  • Website theme gallery with content from top industry designers
  • SEO friendly websites with 100% user control and ability to add custom
  • Content aggregation across all major platforms
  • Cross-platform stats aggregation
  • Unique website layouts optimized for both desktop and mobile

“Live streamers are unique in that their online persona is their brand.
Showcasing that becomes complicated when your online presence is spread
throughout a dozen different platforms,” said Ali Moiz, CEO of
Streamlabs. “Creator Sites provides an opportunity for live streamers to
unite their online presence and reflect a consistent brand.”

This new product is enabling content creators to position themselves
effectively and professionally on their journey as a brand without
spending hundreds of dollars on design and web development. Darryle
‘Hamlinz’ Hamlin, professional live streamer and member of esports group
TSM, says, “This idea is game-changing, it makes watching and following
your favorite creator easy.”

The creator economy is rapidly growing. Streamlabs has processed over
$400M in donations to live streamers since 2015. Hours watched on Twitch
increased 35% year over year, reaching 2.7 billion hours in Q1 of 2019.
Live streamers are garnering mainstream media attention, changing
digital media, and influencing consumer spending habits. As the creator
economy continues to develop, Streamlabs remains committed to powering
the content creator workforce by providing tools that help streamers
turn their passion into a business.

About Streamlabs:

Streamlabs is the leading provider of tools for professional streamers.
Founded in 2014, its groundbreaking software, Streamlabs OBS, offers the
largest set of features that content creators use to grow their
audiences, engage with fans, and monetize their streams. For more
information, visit

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