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STRIVE Muscle Performance Data Platform Approved as a Standard Benefit for Injury Recovery Across Major Sports Leagues

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STRIVE, the only platform proven to optimize muscle performance for elite athletes and teams, today announced a strategic partnership with Fairly Group, the premier insurance broker and risk management company with hundreds of clients across all major professional sports leagues. Through the partnership, STRIVE is now available to players and teams as a benefit. Numerous players are already using STRIVE to help their return to play from injuries suffered during games.

The Fairly Group’s roster of clients includes Major League Baseball, the National Football League, Major League Soccer, many National Hockey League teams and more than 1,000 collegiate athletic departments. The company helps teams in those leagues to manage the cost of injury risk and player recovery. STRIVE was approved as an available benefit to teams across its client base.

“Fairly Group is the unparalleled leader in risk consulting and insurance in the sports industry, which makes our partnership incredibly valuable,” said Nikola Mrvaljevic, CEO and founder of STRIVE. “The ability for teams and players to acquire and use STRIVE not only helps them track and manage the cost of injury recovery, but also manage injury risk on an ongoing basis. We look forward to working closely with Fairly Group and its clients for a long time to come.”

STRIVE’s world-leading electromyography (EMG) technology enables teams to monitor the muscle activation of its players’ hamstrings, glutes and quadriceps. Through proprietary algorithms and sensors that seamlessly integrate into their players’ favorite compression clothing, the STRIVE data platform will deliver accurate and actionable data to help the players to return to play from injury and compete at peak performance.

“Any sports organization has a significant investment in its players,” said James Crow, risk consultant at Fairly Group. “Athletes’ ability to perform at the highest level depends on their health and well-being. Teams need a partner to advise them on getting the best care and treatment, which includes taking advantage of the latest technology platforms to get their players back after injury and keep them there while performing at the highest level. STRIVE is an innovative addition to our benefits platform and risk consulting practice.”

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STRIVE delivers the only platform proven to optimize muscle performance for elite athletes and teams. Through proprietary algorithms and sensors that seamlessly integrate into any compression clothing, STRIVE provides the most complete, accurate and actionable data for athletes to always compete at peak performance. Founded in 2016, STRIVE currently works with NCAA, NFL, EPL, and MLS teams, along with the US Military. For more information visit or follow STRIVE on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.