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StrongSalt Previews a New Paradigm for Digital Privacy

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StrongSalt, the Silicon Valley data privacy-as-a-service startup, today in Boston ahead of AWS re:Inforce, launched StrongVault as an example of the type of privacy control the technology will enable for users, platforms and businesses. StrongVault is a blockchain-protected private data sharing and messaging app. Led by a team of enterprise security technology veterans, software experts, and cryptography and blockchain leaders, the company has been working behind the scenes, perfecting its privacy-as-a-service platform based on patented decentralized searchable encryption technology and securing major customers and partners across industries including government and banking.

Every successful breach has a common denominator – the data is not encrypted. Today, encryption is a headache for organizations. It is complicated, expensive, slow and the data is not searchable, accessible, editable, shareable or auditable until it is unencrypted. With searchable encryption, the data can remain in an encrypted state and quickly accessed and shared, yet the data, even if stolen, is still private and protected.

“We believe everyone was born with the right of privacy. That’s what makes us individual and what makes us unique,” said Ed Yu, Founder and CEO of StrongSalt. “We also believe that privacy is the foundation for security even though very often people mistake security as the foundation for privacy. By having perfect privacy you also have perfect security. We’ve created the first platform where security is built from the inside out.”

The StrongVault mobile app allows users to store, search and share confidential, encrypted files, messages and programmable data quickly and securely, and is available for free download now on iPhone and Android. Additionally, using a decentralized blockchain ledger, users can keep a single source of truth, immutable audit trail of everything that happens to their data.

For enterprise developers and privacy-focused security executives looking to achieve privacy in their current and future application development without compromising usability, the app also gives an early look into the StrongSalt platform and near-future API.

StrongSalt is working with customers and partners on solutions to solve the global privacy issues facing enterprises today.

“There’s increasing regulation in the privacy space. Whether it’s GDPR in Europe or the California Consumer Privacy Law, or things that have been passed in other states, it is something that has risen to be a modern day problem,” said Tony Scott, Former Federal CIO for the Obama Administration. “Organizations and institutions are sharing or selling private data with other organizations to make money without the consumers’ permission or knowledge. This is primarily because most of the systems that are used to convey all of this information weren’t designed at a time when privacy concerns or regulations were in existence. StrongSalt gives the user control. You don’t have to let your data out of your hands unless you actually want to; unless you make an active decision to do so.”

About StrongSalt

StrongSalt is setting a new standard for digital privacy by helping people store, search, and share data easily on a patented decentralized data privacy platform. Your data is safe and private from everyone and everything, including us. Using groundbreaking decentralized searchable encryption and blockchain ledger technology, StrongSalt is making it possible for both individuals and businesses to achieve end-to-end privacy in data sharing and messaging, at scale. Founded in 2017, StrongSalt is headquartered in San Jose, CA and founded by Ed Yu, founding engineer of FireEye. For more information, please visit

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