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Study Shows How ActiVote is Dramatically Increasing Voter Participation

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ActiVote announces that a 16-month study shows that ActiVote voters increase their chance of voting by 33%.

The ActiVote app is a safe space for voters who want to prepare for elections on their own terms: non-partisan, free, no ads and data that is not shared with anyone.

Co-Founder Sara Gifford said: “Too many are turned off by the onslaught of ads, phone calls, emails and texts, but when it is time to vote, they don’t know who to vote for, especially for down-ballot races. We are changing that by creating a completely personalized experience for every US voter, where they can see their ballot, make a voting plan, and see where the candidates are on the political spectrum. Knowing who believes what you believe is empowering and is leading to increased participation.”

The study shows that voter turnout increased most among irregular voters: those who normally vote in ⅓ of their elections. Research shows a key reason cited by non-voters is that they don’t know enough to cast a ballot. ActiVote is focused on removing that barrier.

ActiVote attributes its success to the voter focus of the app, not a campaign, not an advocacy group but putting the voter first. The app presents the voter with a personalized daily activity, which ranges from participating in policy surveys, making a voting plan, setting candidate preferences for an upcoming race, sharing a virtual lawn sign with friends and more. By keeping voters engaged daily, elections never come as a surprise and the voter is empowered to cast their ballot.

For the election on November 3rd, ActiVote has over 60,000 candidates for races in all states, ranging from City Council to President. It includes a political matrix showing the position on the political spectrum of over 8,000 of these candidates.

Sara Gifford says: “We want to make sure that everyone is an inspired, informed and aware voter. Democracy is important and our goal is to always put the voter first.”

About ActiVote

ActiVote is a Boston-based passion project of three retired tech executives applying their skills to improve participation in our democracy. ActiVote is funded by its founders, has no revenue and does not take outside donations to ensure non-partisan independence. For more information, visit