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SureView Launches Field Operations, Transforming Event Response for SOCs

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Today, SureView, the leading developer of software that improves the ability of security command centers to manage and respond to events, released their Field Operations module. This latest innovation seamlessly extends operations in the SOC to the field—connecting response teams no matter where they are.

The Field Operations module delivers the real-time status and location of every patrolling officer, helping SOC operators immediately dispatch the right people to any incident. When paired with the SureView Mobile app, there’s no need to purchase expensive hardware. Field personnel simply download the app, select a call sign, and as events are received they can be sent push notifications to be dispatched to an incident. They receive directions to the location and communicate with operators in real-time. They’re able to upload photos and video, providing valuable situational awareness to the whole team. Every action taken by operators and officers is automatically logged to an audit trail for later review and debriefing. Field staff can notify the team of their availability straight from the app. If a field officer needs to take a break, another officer in the vicinity can temporarily cover the call sign.

“Communication is key to rapid response and response is the single most important metric for successful security outcomes,” says Sean Garcia, Director Enterprise Systems. “Our Field Operation interface combined with our Mobile app gives security operatives an intuitive way to coordinate their remote teams in real-time. We designed this solution alongside our customers—like everything we build at SureView it was developed in ‘the kitchen of doing the job.’”

Field Operations is available with SureView’s new hosted service, SureView Operations (Ops) and is included in the Enterprise and Public Sector versions of the platform too. For more information visit or call us, (888) 387-2860.

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