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Survey Finds Just 29% of Coloradans Will Vote for Sports Betting in November

Sponsored by Businesswire has released the results of a survey which found just 29%
of voting-age Coloradans would vote “yes” for sports betting if the
upcoming referendum were being held today.

The survey was conducted in anticipation of a measure that will appear
on the November ballot in Colorado asking voters if they would like to
legalize sports betting at casinos and through mobile apps.
conducted the survey via Google Surveys from June 2 to 5, 2019. The
survey collected 5,000 responses from people 18 or older and located
inside Colorado.

The survey found:

  • 29% of voting-age Coloradans would vote to approve legalizing sports
    betting in Colorado if the referendum were held today
  • 31.5% of voting-age Coloradans would oppose the measure if the
    referendum were held today
  • Nearly 40% of respondents are undecided on the issue

“These results are not particularly surprising given Governor Polis only
recently signed the legislation calling for a referendum in November,”
said Editor in Chief Wes Burns. “Many potential voters
are still unaware the issue will be appearing on the November ballot. We
anticipate groups on both sides of the issue will be gearing up their
campaigns to sway voters one way or another over the next few months.”

“Voter education will be critical over the next few months,” said CEO Mike Murphy. “Special interest groups such as the
Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Disney Worldwide Services spent millions on
campaigns for and against a gambling referendum in Florida last year. We
will not be surprised to see similar efforts in Colorado.”

If a majority of voters approve the measure, Colorado casinos will be
authorized to launch retail sportsbooks and mobile betting apps. Sports
betting providers will pay a 10% tax on revenue, with the majority of
that money going to Colorado’s
Water Plan
to support water conservation and supply.

Survey results were collected by intercepting visitors to Google
Publisher Network websites and asking them to answer one question before
proceeding to the desired content. Google uses a variety of methods to
determine user age and location in order to acquire responses from a
particular audience – in this case people 18 or older and located in

The survey polled 5,000 people and matched the sample population to the
target population by age and gender within a bias range of 0.5% to 5%.
All respondents were asked the following question:

In November, Colorado voters will vote on whether or not to legalize
sports betting. If that vote was being held today, would you vote YES or

Responses to the survey broke down as follows:

  • Yes: 29.0% (+1.3% / -1.2%)
  • No: 31.5% (+1.3% / -1.3%)
  • I’m not sure: 39.5% (+1.4% / -1.4%)

The survey also found that men were more likely to approve sports
betting than women, and that respondents 45 and older were more likely
to vote against sports betting. More detailed results and survey
methodology can be found at here. is a news and information website dedicated to the
regulated online sports betting and gambling industry in the United