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Survey Finds Majority of Businesses in the U.S. and Europe are Taking Months to Deploy New Analytics; Data Plagued with Errors Upon Delivery to Customers

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DataKitchen, Inc, the first and leading DataOps platform that manages
analytics creation and operations, today announced the results of a
research survey targeting data-analytics professionals from medium to
large-sized North American and European companies representing a diverse
range of industries. With over 300 responses from around the globe, the
research helped to reveal insights into real-world, productivity-harming
challenges that face data analytics professionals. The analysis covers
topics such as the impact of data errors, delays in environment
creation, and hurdles that lead to lengthy deployment times.

Part of a larger joint study with Eckerson Group that will be issued in
late June, this first phase of results concentrates specifically on
factors that cause delays, failures, and inaccuracies in data analytics.
One stunning revelation was that 30% of respondents to the DataOps
survey reported more than 11 errors per month. That means that the data
team is spending much of its time trying to repair mistakes, thus
leaving little time for any value-add activity.

“Speed and accuracy are everything when it comes to data analytics,”
said Chris Bergh, CEO of DataKitchen. “The survey results paint a very
eye-opening picture of the plight that faces data professionals.”

To download the key kindings of the 2019 DataOps Survey, visit:

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