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SutiExpense Continues to Offer Incredible Value to Enterprises with Added AI and Automation Functionality

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SutiSoft Inc., a leading provider of cloud-based business solutions, announces new features and functionality to SutiExpense, its travel and expense management solution. SutiExpense is a highly configurable solution that simplifies the expense reporting process for businesses of all sizes from a single interface.

Travel booking

Integrated travel booking allows users to book travel directly from SutiExpense, ensuring compliance with corporate travel policies. The integration enables users to easily pull trip data and create expense reports.

Import Credit Card Transactions

Corporate card integration allows users to directly pull credit card transactions into SutiExpense eliminating the need for manual entry.

Automated Receipt Capture

Our optical character recognition (OCR) technology automatically scans receipts and populates the data in the expense report, eliminating the need for manual entry.

Voice-based expense submission

The SutiExpense AI-powered chatbot allows users to create, view, submit, or approve expense reports using voice commands. Navigation and help are also available through the virtual assistant.

Flexible approvals

Configure multi-level approval workflows for roles, departments, or hierarchies. Configure approvals based on GL codes and your expense reports will be routed automatically for approval.

Artificial Intelligence

SutiExpense’s robust business rules engine allows companies to define spend policies at both the employee and expense levels to highlight any out-of-policy expenses automatically.

Budget Controls

Define budgets for roles, departments or projects and control employee spending by gaining complete insight into budget and spend.

ERP Integration

Integration with third-party ERP solutions allows seamless data transfer between the solutions, without manual entry.

Spend Analytics

Insightful dashboard provides a complete overview into key expense data allowing you to drill down using a variety of criteria helping you make critical business decisions.

For more details, please visit SutiExpense or call us at 650-969-7884.

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SutiSoft provides a comprehensive suite of cloud-based business platforms and solutions for companies of all sizes. These platforms include scalable and easy-to-use solutions for HR, Employee Travel and Expense, Wireless Spend Management, CRM, Document Management, Business Data Analytics, and Electronic Signature. Our solutions enable small, mid-size, and large enterprise customers to control costs, save time, and assist in making smart business decisions. Headquartered in Los Altos, California, SutiSoft also has regional offices in Germany, India, and Japan. For additional information visit