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Swanson Health Products Increases Conversion and Add-to-Cart Rates by Over 60% with GroupBy

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GroupBy Inc., a provider of relevancy-focused eCommerce solutions and one of the fastest-growing startups in its space, announced today the results of its partnership with Swanson Health Products. Since implementing GroupBy’s Searchandiser and Enrich solutions last year, Swanson has seen significant growth across all their critical metrics month-over-month. Search click-through rate has increased by over 50%, search add-to-cart rate has risen by 65%, and conversion rate has increased by over 60%. What’s more, site traffic has grown to over one million distinct searches per month.

“We wanted a system that used more modern technologies like machine learning, integrated recommendations, and great search relevancy to astutely respond to trends in what our customers were buying,” said Eric Trautvetter, VP, technology, and eCommerce, Swanson Health Products. “It was critical that our site truly reflected the voice of our customers.”

Swanson’s merchandising team knew it needed to update the company’s eCommerce experience to more quickly respond to market needs and keep up with new products and promotions. After a thorough competitive review in 2018, Swanson selected GroupBy’s market leading Searchandiser solution to provide highly relevant and personalized onsite customer experiences through site search, navigation, recommendations, and customer insights. Along with Searchandiser, Swanson also deployed GroupBy Enrich to help improve the quality of its product data by adding additional product attributes like flavor, health concerns, lifestyle and more.

“We gave GroupBy a crazy and unrealistic deadline of Thanksgiving, and they were able to help us go live with Searchandiser the day before with no issues. GroupBy was able to quickly convert the rules from our legacy system, and as our eCommerce site uses a microservices-based architecture, it was easy to swap the search engine connections,” said Trautvetter. “Our partnership with GroupBy has far exceeded our expectations. I couldn’t be more pleased with the success of this implementation between Swanson Health Products and GroupBy. We are very excited about the future and where GroupBy can take us.”

“We couldn’t be more thrilled with the results of our partnership with Swanson. GroupBy Searchandiser, combined with GroupBy Enrich has helped improve the quality of their product data, resulting in increased conversion rates that are critical to their revenue growth,” said Roland Gossage, CEO, GroupBy. “GroupBy is committed to making Swanson’s customer experience even stronger by employing a strategic balance between machine learning-powered algorithms and human-controlled results.”

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