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Swarm64 Improves Elastic Scalability for PostgreSQL

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Swarm64 (, the leader in hardware-accelerator solutions for the PostgreSQL open source database, today announced the availability of a free, open source extension to PostgreSQL that enables better scaling and performance for analytics (OLAP) applications. The elastic, parallel scaling extension runs on standard server hardware or servers that are accelerated by FPGA boards.

Elastic scalability allows database operators to increase or decrease the amount of hardware on which the database runs in order to meet surges or growth in data or user activity. Previously, the only way to achieve this was through cloud services like Amazon Aurora, or via custom PostgreSQL forks. The new open source patch enables elastic scaling with parallel query processing on standard, freely available, PostgreSQL.

“PostgreSQL is among the most widely used databases in the world, and we are responding to users seeking new ways to make it an even better fit for analytics,” said Thomas Richter, CEO of Swarm64. “At Swarm64 we are parallel processing experts, and are excited about freeing PostgreSQL users from costly or non-standard scalability solutions with our new software.”

Swarm64 at Postgres Vision 2019

Swarm64 will showcase the new parallel scaling extension for PostgreSQL at the Postgres Vision 2019 conference in Boston, MA on June 24-26. The company will also highlight its FPGA-acceleration solutions for PostgreSQL, which improve query performance by over an order of magnitude. Swarm64 VP engineering, Dr. Paul Adams and Swarm64 solutions engineering team lead, Sebastian Dressler, will present “HTAP By Accident: Getting More From PostgreSQL Using Hardware Acceleration” on Wednesday June 25 at 3:05PM EDT.

The open source parallel scaling extension for PostgreSQL is available for free at Swarm64 has also published a blog post explaining how to use the extension.

About Swarm64

Swarm64 is the developer of hardware accelerator solutions for PostgreSQL, one of the most widely used databases in the world. By leveraging FPGA hardware accelerators, Swarm64 provides the easiest way for businesses to scale PostgreSQL performance for analytics systems. Founded in 2013, Swarm64 has built a world-class team developing hardware accelerator images and database software extensions. It is backed by leading venture investors from the US, Norway, and Germany, and has offices in Seattle, Berlin, and Cologne.