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Synack Recognized as CREST Accredited Crowdsourced Penetration Testing Company

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Synack, the most trusted Crowdsourced Penetration Testing company,
announced today it is now both CREST Accredited for penetration testing
services and a CREST Member company in the USA. This is further
recognition of Synack as the market leader in delivering the most
effective, efficient penetration test.

CREST is a not-for-profit accreditation and certification body that
represents and supports the technical information security market. CREST
was set up in 2006 in response to the clear need for more regulated
professional services with known, dependable quality, and is now
recognized globally as the cyber assurance body for the technical
security industry. CREST has become the respected standard for
penetration testing in countries across the world, where it is
increasingly a mandatory requirement for companies that have the most
stringent security requirements such as government and financial
services. Synack has researchers in more than 60 of these countries.

“This accreditation demonstrates that Synack’s crowdsourced penetration
testing follows well-established best practices while using software and
the world’s best security researchers,” said Dr. Mark Kuhr, Synack CTO
and co-founder. “CREST’s accreditation examination determines if an
organization meets its risk assessment, technical capability, and code
of conduct standards. The CREST organisation clearly understands the
challenges enterprises face today in scaling their security practices,
and is supporting the G2000 by accrediting Synack to support these
challenges. We appreciate the acknowledgement that Synack meets all of
those critical requirements.”

Synack has prioritized trust, quality and insights as critical
characteristics of a penetration test. The accreditation process
determines if an organization meets risk assessment, technical
capability, and code of conduct standards. Relative to a traditional
penetration test, Synack believes that the crowdsourced approach
provides additional testing rigor, enhanced technology, and deeper
visibility and control.

“The CREST accreditation provides further recognition of Synack
penetration testing, offering the highest levels of technical quality
and testing rigor“ said David Charlton, Synack’s Chief Product
Strategist and former Head of Penetration Testing at JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Not only does CREST offer an independent, third party assessment of a
company’s penetration testing capabilities, it also provides researchers
with the opportunity to become CREST qualified researchers. Synack’s
crowd includes CREST certified penetration testers. Synack exposes its
elite, global security researcher community in 60+ countries to the
benefits of CREST. CREST offers a structured entry point for penetration
testers globally and could serve as a significant stepping stone to
members of the Synack’s Red Team. Synack looks forward to working
closely with members of its global community seeking CREST

This accreditation is another pillar showing that Synack takes trust
seriously. Companies gain intelligence and efficiency by utilizing
Synack to address vulnerabilities in a more efficient and effective way
while maintaining a strong security posture. Those that work with Synack
and use Crowdsourced Penetration Testing for 2+ years are up to 200%
more secure than those that do not or have less than a year of usage.

Today, Synack secures >$1 trillion in Fortune 500 revenue, 75% of the
top credit card companies, Top 10 consulting firms and security
companies, and over 50% of federal cabinet-level agencies. Synack has
received awards including 2019 Cyber Defender by CB Insights, CIO
Review’s 20 Most Promising Enterprise Security Solution Providers, The
Software Report’s Top 25 CyberSecurity Companies, and Wealthfront’s 2019
Career-Launching Companies.

About Synack

Synack, the most trusted crowdsourced security company, delivers
comprehensive and continuous penetration testing with actionable
results. The company combines the world’s most skilled and trusted
ethical hackers with AI-enabled technology to create a scalable,
effective security solution. Headquartered in Silicon Valley with
regional offices around the world, Synack protects leading global banks,
federal agencies, DoD classified assets, and close to $1 trillion in
Fortune 500 revenue. Synack was founded in 2013 by former US Department
of Defense hackers Jay Kaplan, CEO, and Dr. Mark Kuhr, CTO. For more
information, please visit