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Syncfusion Releases Essential Studio 2019 Volume 4

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Syncfusion Inc. announced the release of Essential Studio 2019 Volume 4. This release finalizes Syncfusion’s Blazor components and adds popular features such as a Chat control for Xamarin, significant new controls for Flutter, and more.

“We’re pleased to be at the forefront of Blazor development and proud to present our production-ready suite of Blazor components,” said Daniel Jebaraj, CEO of Syncfusion. “Additionally, in this release, we decided to bulk up our current controls with more functionality, and we also presented new features like our Xamarin Chat control.

“Chatbots are increasing in popularity among our clients, so we’re excited to give developers a chat UI to help them meet that demand faster.”

The 2019 Volume 4 release offers significant updates to the following:

Blazor Components library:

  • Over 60 high performance controls.
  • Bullet Chart that displays one or more measures and compares them to a target value.
  • Customizable handwritten signature support in PDF files.
  • Frozen rows and columns with row virtualization to improve grid performance.

Essential Studio for Xamarin.Forms:

  • Chat control that allows users to have a modern conversational chatbot experience.
  • DatePicker that lets users quickly select a date and specify minimum and maximum dates to restrict date selection.

Essential Studio for Flutter:

  • Seven new chart types including stacked, step area, and range area.
  • Calendar widget (preview) that offers seven types of built-in configurable view modes providing functionalities for scheduling, managing, and representing appointments.

Essential Studio for WPF:

  • Text Input Layout control (preview) with decorative elements like floating labels, icons, and assistive labels on top of the WPF TextBox.
  • Feature to display column summaries as titles in the DataGrid.

Syncfusion’s file-format libraries have been enhanced to be more user-friendly by adding support for creating and editing macros in Excel, automatic table cell adjustment based on content within in Word, and the ability to create ZUGFeRD 2.0 PDF documents.

Explore these new features, along with many others, at Syncfusion’s What’s New page. Existing customers can download the new version of Essential Studio by signing in to their accounts. Potential customers can download a free 30-day trial.

About Syncfusion Inc.

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