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Syncsort Announces Industry Initiative for Convergence of Legacy Data Infrastructure and Next Wave Technologies

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Syncsort, the global leader in Big Iron to Big Data software, today
announced the launch of Syncsort Invent, an initiative focused on
helping enterprises anticipate and embrace the Next Wave – an era that
defines the new technologies and applications that are making existing
data more useful. Syncsort Invent advances data by helping enterprises
connect decades of data infrastructure investment with Next Wave
technologies such as cloud and blockchain.

“We believe that data makes the difference. It is the bedrock on which
modern businesses compete, and often dictates the success or failure of
companies based on how well they own, access and analyze it,” said Tendü
Yoğurtçu, CTO, Syncsort. “Today, with the launch of Syncsort Invent, we
are building on decades of experience in helping enterprises quickly
extract value from their critical data anytime, anywhere. We are
inviting enterprises, partners and the broader industry to join us in
solving the toughest Next Wave challenges and inventing targeted
solutions for the use cases with the biggest impact on business.”

Syncsort has identified five
Next Wave
opportunities that can create tremendous value for
enterprises, including hybrid cloud, streaming, AI, blockchain and data
governance. Our initial focus will be around the intersection of legacy
data systems with cloud and blockchain:

  • Hybrid Cloud initiative to maximize the value of enterprise
    data in a hybrid cloud world by solving the challenges of integrating
    decades of on-premise systems with today’s leading cloud platforms
  • Blockchain initiative to create use case-driven solutions for
    blockchain to meet enterprise data requirements, and help increase the
    auditability and visibility of their transactional systems

Along with the launch of Syncsort Invent, Syncsort has unveiled
simplified product branding to better articulate the value of its
expanding product portfolio to customers, partners and the broader
marketplace. Find out more about the new Syncsort product
families and Syncsort

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