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Tachus Lights up Its First Home in The Kingwood Region

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Over the last two years, The Woodlands-based Tachus has worked to bring high-speed fiber Internet to communities in north Houston. In its short time, the fiber Internet provider has already built out its network to several neighborhoods, making its fast and reliable service available to over 10,000 homes throughout the Lake Conroe area.

As of October 2020, Tachus is officially providing service to its first household in Kings Manor, a community in the western part of Kingwood. This will also be Tachus’ first presence in the entire Kingwood region. And with construction already having begun in Kings Mill and Oakhurst, the Houston-based provider plans to make its service available to the rest of Kingwood by the end of 2021. “We are excited to bring a new local Internet provider choice to Kingwood residents,” said Tachus Co-Founder, President and CFO Carter Old. “Over the next year, Tachus will be making a $30+ million network infrastructure investment to bring our enterprise-grade reliability and speeds to all of Kingwood for decades to come.”

Once fully built out, Tachus’ ringed fiber network will be able to provide service to the 20,000+ homes in the region, using redundant pathways to ensure customers receive the highest degree of network uptime. The fiber ring, though, isn’t the only reason for Tachus’ service reliability. Its proprietary buried fiber network throughout Kingwood’s neighborhoods provide additional protections against all kinds of weather conditions. “Tachus has very intentionally designed its Kingwood network to ensure that residents’ service is always up and speeds are constant, regardless of whatever Houston weather throws our way,” said Old.

Tachus’ exceptionally fast and reliable fiber Internet service is not the only thing it is bringing to the Kingwood region. As a local Houston business, Tachus places a significant emphasis on customer service. “We are giving people a different perception of Internet service,” said Tachus Co-Founder and CEO, Hal Brumfield. “This industry has never been viewed as customer service-oriented. Big providers rarely prioritize their clients’ needs. But because we focus on helping our customers, we have been able to develop a strong community following.”

That following has reached Kingwood now, and Tachus has worked hard over the past several months to bring its initial service to area residents. “We are excited to expand our network to the Kingwood area,” said Brumfield. “Residents have been asking for our service for a long time, and we have listened. And now we are happy to bring it to them.”

About Tachus LLC

Headquartered in The Woodlands, TX and founded in late 2018, Tachus LLC is a private equity-backed fiber broadband ISP. Tachus believes customers deserve fast, reliable Internet that requires no explanation. In doing so, Tachus is revolutionizing the way residential customers receive their Internet, by offering unlimited, enterprise-grade data-only services at a lifetime fixed rate, all paired with local customer service. With a network that has passed over 10,000 homes and serves thousands of customers, Tachus continues to rapidly expand its residential fiber network to other parts of the Houston area. Please visit for more information.