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Tackling Website Usage Peaks to Drive the Online Performance of a Fashion Retail Brand | Quantzig’s Recent Case Study

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A global data analytics and advisory firm, Quantzig, that delivers actionable analytics solutions to resolve complex business problems has announced the completion of their latest engagement for a leading UK-based fashion retailer. This success story revolves around exploring the client’s challenges in website performance monitoring and highlights how our advanced website analytics solutions helped them to analyze customer sentiments and increase conversions.

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Website Performance Monitoring for a Leading Fashion Retailer (Graphic: Business Wire)

Website Performance Monitoring for a Leading Fashion Retailer (Graphic: Business Wire)

With customer and clickstream data coming from diverse customer touchpoints, retailers today are pressurized to employ cohesive ways to analyze the website’s performance. The ongoing transformations within the retail landscape have adversely impacted business performance. As a result, retailers are now looking at consolidating all the campaign metrics into a single view to enhance decision-making.

The Business Problem: A well-established UK-based fashion retailer wanted to analyze their websites’ performance during Black Friday and other usage peaks that occur during the Christmas season sale. The client was looking at leveraging Quantzig’s web analytics expertise to gain a unified view of their website’s performance across different customer touchpoints. As such, they wanted us to assess brand health by conducting a website performance monitoring assessment to identify obstacles that curbed their online visibility.

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“Our customized website performance monitoring solutions help retailers to build brand awareness and improve customer reach through the use of smart analytics solutions,” says a web analytics expert from Quantzig.

The Solution Offered: The client wanted to continually monitor and track web performance metrics across different platforms, but several faced challenges in doing so. By leveraging website performance monitoring solutions we helped them to consolidate web data and analyze the effectiveness of their campaigns by comparing it with defined KPI’s. Moreover, the use of customized web analytics dashboards offered unprecedented insights into campaign performance, which in turn, aided the client to understand their target audience.

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Quantzig’s website performance monitoring solutions helped the client to:

  • Gain greater visibility into their customer’s buying behavior
  • Identify and resolve web performance issues
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Quantzig’s website performance monitoring solutions offered predictive insights on:

  • Understanding the target audience
  • Tracking and monitoring key web performance monitoring metrics
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