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TAITO Corporation (TAITO®), the creator of SPACE INVADERS is partnering
with 612
Entertainment, LLC
, a cross-media entertainment production company
founded in 2017 by entertainment and media industry veterans, to launch SPACE
on Kickstarter. The release of the board
game, based on one of the world’s foremost iconic video game brands,
commemorates the 40th anniversary of the SPACE INVADERS arcade game.
SPACE INVADERS – THE BOARD GAME will come as a standard and as a
numbered collector’s edition both of which will only be available during
the Kickstarter campaign.

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SPACE INVADERS - THE BOARD GAME (Graphic: Business Wire)

SPACE INVADERS – THE BOARD GAME (Graphic: Business Wire)

The SPACE INVADERS board game combines today’s popular deck-building
genre with a more traditional strategy board game by allowing 2-4
players to collect SPACE INVADERS cards and add them to their hands,
while moving across the board and shooting enemies with their laser
cannons. The game’s visual presentation and atmosphere are as close to
the original arcade game as possible, creating a brilliant retro gaming

Game Elements & Features:

* Standard and Numbered Deluxe Editions Available

* 20 Action Card Types and 5 Resource Types

* 64 Game Tokens

* Game Board or Play Mat (Depending on Edition)

* Over 240 Playing Cards

* 4 Laser Cannons


* 40 Bunker Elements

* Card Sorting Tray

Initial backers will also have the opportunity to reserve one of 500
strictly limited numbered SPACE INVADERS Art Boxes (the ultimate
collector’s item), which celebrate the 40th anniversary of the brand and
are autographed by SPACE INVADERS creator, Tomohiro Nishikado.

“After successfully invading video screens worldwide for over 40 years,
we are excited to join forces with 612 Entertainment to help SPACE
, one of our top brands, invade living room tables
everywhere,” said TAITO President and Representative Director, Tetsu

Robert Colman, President of 612
Entertainment, LLC
, said, “Video game brands like SPACE
have become part of our cultural heritage. Our corporate
vision is to expand the best of those brands across all media and make
them accessible to an even larger audience. We are excited and grateful
that TAITO partnered with us to bring one of the world’s most
recognizable video game brands, SPACE
, to the flourishing board gaming market.”

The 40th anniversary commemorative editions of SPACE
are now available to pre-order via Kickstarter,
starting at $20 for early backers.

About TAITO Corporation

TAITO Corporation (TAITO®) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Square Enix
Holdings Co., Ltd. With headquarters in Tokyo, Japan, TAITO operates
core businesses such as game arcade operations, coin-operated game
machines, and mobile phone content services. A seminal part of gaming
history, TAITO caused a worldwide sensation with its arcade legend,
SPACE INVADERS®, and developed such fan favorites as PUZZLE BOBBLE®
(BUST-A-MOVE®) and ARKANOID®. Today, TAITO continues to thrill game
lovers of all generations by offering both classic and new
family-oriented titles on the latest gaming platforms. TAITO delivers a
wide range of entertainment experiences with the goal of providing
consumers with fresh surprises and new discoveries.

More information on TAITO can be found on the Internet at


Planned, developed, and released by TAITO Corporation (TAITO), the 1978
arcade game SPACE INVADERS became an instant global phenomenon. Today,
its iconic characters frequently appear both in licensed projects
worldwide and as TAITO’s corporate mascots.

Chosen as an art collection of MOMA, and a collaborative character with
famous fashion brands, SPACE INVADERS is still loved all over the world

TAITO is the exclusive owner of the global intellectual property rights,
including copyrights and trademarks, for SPACE INVADERS and its
characters, and takes an active role regarding new SPACE
INVADERS-related enterprises.

About 612 Entertainment, LLC

A cross-media entertainment production company founded in 2017 by
entertainment and media industry veterans. 612 Entertainment, LLC has
been founded with the aim to bring the best brands to as many technology
platforms and types of media as possible.

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