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Talkdesk Announces Talkdesk Agent Assist at ICMI Contact Center Expo

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the cloud contact center for innovative enterprises, today announced Talkdesk
Agent Assist
, a personalized conversational assistant that
proactively supports frontline agents, ensuring customer experience
excellence and minimal agent effort. Talkdesk Agent Assist provides
contact centers with an innovative tool designed to reduce agent effort,
improve quality and reduce costs by minimizing search and data entry
tasks through Talkdesk iQ in-house AI capabilities.

“Giving agents next best actions in real-time and removing the burden of
tedious data entry will allow them to stay focused on the customer,
instead of worrying about the technology,” said Dale Sturgill, vice
president, contact center operations, EmployBridge. “We see Talkdesk
Agent Assist as a game-changer for achieving our goal to reduce agent
and customer effort while driving customer satisfaction.”

Talkdesk Agent Assist is powered by Talkdesk iQ native artificial
intelligence (AI), a pivotal enabler of all Talkdesk’s products,
providing real-time guidance for frontline employees to respond to
customer needs quickly and accurately. As a customer states their need,
agents are provided answers or supporting information immediately to
expedite the conversation and simplify tasks. Talkdesk Agent Assist
intelligently positions information from a knowledge base or CRM as a
suggested action in real-time, contributing to a significant reduction
in handle time and improving customer experience. Additionally,
information captured within the agent interface can be automatically
added to account profiles or work item tickets, within the CRM, without
any additional agent effort.

“We are excited to launch Talkdesk Agent Assist, our third product
launch of 2019, demonstrating our commitment to leading through
innovation,” said Tiago Paiva, chief executive officer, Talkdesk.
“Talkdesk Agent Assist is an intelligent advisory tool which supplies
data-driven real-time recommendations, next best actions and automations
to aid agents in customer interactions and guide them to quality and
outcome excellency.”

Unlike other providers that utilize third-party technology, Talkdesk
Agent Assist is natively built and fully unified within the agent
interface while keeping all data internally protected from third-party
sharing. These outdated and fractured solutions rely on repetitive,
manual agent effort and rely on inadequate information repositories
third-party data analytics and AI technology. With Talkdesk Enterprise
Cloud Contact Center, customer service providers have a technology
partner dedicated to data security and driving the industry forward.

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Talkdesk Enterprise Cloud Contact Center empowers companies to make
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performance and consumer-like ease of use, Talkdesk easily adapts to the
evolving needs of sales and support teams and their end-customers,
resulting in increased customer satisfaction, productivity and cost
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