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Talkdesk announces Talkdesk Hybrid Spaces at CX Tour London

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the cloud contact center for innovative enterprises, today at CX
Tour in London
unveiled Talkdesk
Hybrid Spaces
, a simple, flexible and secure deployment model that
enables contact centers to combine the best of both benefits of private
and public clouds. With Talkdesk Hybrid Spaces, customer service
providers can unlock the Talkdesk
Enterprise Cloud Contact Center
, taking advantage of the innovation,
processing capabilities, agility and cost-efficiency of the powerful
public cloud, while complying with enterprise-grade networking and
security requirements of private cloud. Additionally, Talkdesk Hybrid
Spaces ensures an always up-to-date platform through consistent releases
and innovative updates, globally managed by Talkdesk, unlike
first-generation cloud exclusive providers or on-premises

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Talkdesk announces Talkdesk Hybrid Spaces at CX Tour London (Graphic: Business Wire)

Talkdesk announces Talkdesk Hybrid Spaces at CX Tour London (Graphic: Business Wire)

“Talkdesk Hybrid Spaces gives our customers the flexibility to leverage
the benefits of cloud at their own pace, on their own terms,” said Tiago
Paiva, chief executive officer, Talkdesk. “This newest advancement from
Talkdesk offers companies a smooth and simple transition with a hybrid
cloud to more effectively manage internal security and compliance while
benefiting from cloud innovation and performance.”

Talkdesk Hybrid Spaces streamlines the transition of data from a legacy
on-premises system, or first-generation cloud environment, to private
Talkdesk storage with the processing power of a public cloud.
Customizable to enterprise-grade policies, Talkdesk Hybrid Spaces easily
integrates with specific internal security and IT requirements,
safeguarding sensitive customer data through cutting-edge security
standards built into Talkdesk’s enterprise-class security frameworks. As
customers’ security and compliance needs change, Talkdesk seamless
integrations with evolving IT requirements continuously adapt to keep up
with the demand while international data privacy protection ensures
compliance with information privacy sovereignty laws.

Talkdesk Hybrid Spaces combines a solid first step in the digital
transformation process with an enterprise-grade private cloud that
complies with the most demanding IT requirements and security standards,
guaranteeing a simple and smooth transition to the cloud. With the
launch of Talkdesk Hybrid Spaces, Talkdesk combines the best of the
public and private clouds to fully enable companies at any point along
their digital transformation to deploy an enterprise-grade cloud contact
center that meets their unique needs in IT requirements, data privacy
and security standards.

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