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Talks for Good by NTT Disruption: Can Tech Lead Society for the Better?

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NTT Disruption, the disruptive company of NTT, with the collaboration of NTT DATA, has launched Talks for Good, a wave of disruptive thought to shake consciences with 9 of the best world-class leaders shaping the world for good.

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Afdhel Aziz, Joel Cuello, Keren Elazari, Juan Enriquez, Aubrey de Grey, Robin Chase, Ramez Naam, Amy Jo and Brent Bushnell delve into current social, ethical and economic challenges of our century: can tech lead society for the better?

The talks come about at an unprecedented time when global economic, social, political and cultural activities have been disrupted, globalization paralyzed and hopes for a better world have been reborn.

NTT Disruption in collaboration with NTT DATA stress their concern of empowering small but smart things in the areas of technology, that will lead to big changes for good, and impact positively people’s lives and society:

“Disruptive thinking in challenging times, to inspire and create what really matters for tomorrow”, says Marc Alba, SVP, NTT. President & CEO, NTT Disruption.

Digitally focused, NTT Disruption has a strong commitment to impact everyone, everywhere, in the areas of Cognitive Social Agents, Liquid Platforms and Immersive Experiences. With offices in San Francisco, London, Madrid, Texas and Boston, it co-creates, co-validates and co-accelerates with key players in the automotive, banking, sports and entertainment, and health industries:

“Disruption means tackling complex problems in a new way to create completely unknown solutions. But we really need to create something that impacts human beings’ lives. All the innovations we are building are human centric to basically reinvent Planet Earth” says Marc Alba, SVP, NTT. President & CEO, NTT Disruption.

The company currently offers the following products:

jibo | Disrupting Healthcare and Education for good.

With NTT Disruption, jibo is acquiring a whole new universe of self-responsibility to bring Cognitive Social Agents to companies.

GROWTHLAND | The future of your brand, today.

A whole new way to work with word-spread talent while reducing timeframes and improving quality standards. An open ‘On-demand social platform’ that mixes world-class creative talent and science experts with the latest disruptive technologies.

COKOON | The immersive experience maker.

NTT Disruption’s operating system to connect smart spaces and immersive media technologies. The coming together of the physical and digital worlds, to create phygital spaces.