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Taoglas, Raydiant and Premier Wireless Solutions Collaborate to Deliver Revolutionary Digital Signage and Immersive Experience Solutions

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Taoglas®, a leading enabler of digital transformation through IoT, Raydiant, digital signage and in-store experience solutions provider, and Premier Wireless Solutions (PWS) today announced their collaboration to deliver next generation digital signage solutions.

Using Taoglas’ TG.09 4G Terminal Hinged SMA(M) Mount Monopole Antenna means compact, efficient, reliable and repeatable antenna performance is assured, a critical factor when deploying cellular applications. Combining this antenna choice with Raydiant’s best-in-class digital signage Experience Platform, the team has delivered the ScreenRay LTE solution, which gives customers full-throttle connection to Raydiant’s entire Experience Platform, from anywhere in the world, with 4G LTE access.

This will be a revolutionary move for businesses being run from food trucks, farmers markets, music festivals, pop-up shops, trade shows or anywhere else with limited wired connectivity, as this latest solution means location is no longer an issue. Password juggling, limited range Wi-Fi, error codes and corporate firewalls are now problems of the past. Additionally, when data is sent through a 4G LTE network, like the one you get with ScreenRay LTE, it’s securely encrypted. Antenna selection is an important consideration in any cellular application for throughput considerations, fringe area connectivity and reliability and also power consumption. The aesthetics of the TG.09 antenna make it very popular for customer facing devices.

The ScreenRay LTE is built to power professional-grade business applications using robust hardware powered by high-speed peripheral support through USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 ports. By combining this with high-speed 4G LTE connectivity, and AWS-hosted cloud support, customers will experience the best brands have to offer, from anywhere in the world.

“We have collaborated with PWS and Taoglas to define the best RF performance and antenna design as it needed to be certified on all major operators globally and needed to meet a wide set of spectrum demands,” said Bobby Marhamat, CEO of Raydiant “At the same time, we wanted to collaborate with leading design houses of IoT solutions since we have multiple innovative designs on our roadmap. The combination of PWS and Taoglas provided the experience and global expertise to engineer and develop our solution. Taoglas and PWS were engaged at every step of the process, moving quickly and smoothly from strategic planning to design, engineering and reliability testing to final production of the components and the device.” Bobby continued.

“We are thrilled to be selected as the antenna partner of choice for Raydiant’s ScreenRay LTE solution and to continue to strengthen our great relationship with PWS,” says Dermot O’Shea, Co-CEO of Taoglas. “Antennas are a common failure point of all cellular products, but at Taoglas we fully understand the pitfalls and have ensured millions of devices are operating optimally on the world’s networks,” Dermot continued.

“Raydiant’s ScreenRay LTE solution is truly clever and the new wave for your digital experience. It brings the ease to establishing your brand by getting content out quickly and reliably. Adding cellular capabilities isn’t trivial and you need the right partners. Taoglas services offer the next level of assurances for RF performance that Raydiant demanded,” said Tony Kasza, Sr. Field Applications Engineer Premier Wireless Solutions.

Raydiant’s ScreenRay LTE solution is deployed in a variety of commercial settings/trials and is commercially available here.

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About Taoglas

Taoglas is a leading enabler of digital transformation using IoT from initial strategy definition to design, build, deployment and managed services. Our solutions combine high-performance antenna and RF design with advanced positioning, imaging, audio and artificial intelligence technologies for organizations solving critical problems using IoT. A nimble and efficient approach which mobilizes quickly makes Taoglas a trusted advisor helping customers regardless of where they are on their IoT journey.

With world-class design, consultancy and engineering expertise, along with support and test centers globally, Taoglas delivers complex IoT solutions to market quickly and cost effectively. Taoglas has proven expertise globally across the transportation, connected healthcare, smart cities and smart building industries.

About Raydiant

Raydiant helps brick and mortar businesses create memorable in-store experiences by transforming their TVs into interactive digital signage that drive messaging, sales, and engagement. By simply plugging in Raydiant’s hardware into any TV, users have access to their full experience platform where they can create and manage their in-store experience from anywhere. Founded in April 2017 and formerly known as Mira, Raydiant is backed by technology investors, including Bloomberg, Inc., Transmedia Capital, 8VC, Atomic Ventures, and Ron Conway.

About Premier Wireless Solutions

Premier Wireless Solutions (PWS) is a value-add distributor and solutions provider that offers a full range of services from concept to deployment. PWS delivers innovative wireless products from embedded modules to fully integrated systems and our expertise eases the complexities of IoT deployments. Combine our expansive global connectivity plans for all applications accommodating data usage models large and small. Security is paramount on our Private Network Platform called LATTIGO

improving the health & longevity of your critical deployments. With 15+ years of wireless experience this team leads the way with the help of design services and test certification houses building new partnerships every day.